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  1. However when you get a price for the install make sure that they will issue you the full three part gas safety certificate. There is no reason to be paying extra for this?
  2. I think I’ll try to hold my nerve. I don't think I’d forgive myself if I thought I’d paid more than something was worth
  3. If this question specifically relates to property income have you looked at Hammock? I’ve been looking at it recently and once set up links to your bank account and does most of the work for you and produces the relevant accounts at the end of the year.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I’m struggling with the same issues. I live in West Sussex (stuck between 2 of the areas identified as two of the most expensive places to buy in the UK Chichester and Brighton). I’m currently trying to buy numbers 5 and 6 and have so far offered on three properties in the last couple of weeks. Im offering at the asking but properties are going at 10-12% over asking?
  5. Fair play to you!! Firstly I don’t know any 22 year olds that could achieve what you’ve achieved already. I think you have a fantastic future ahead of you!! Ive given you a follow and look forward to seeing what you get upto next.
  6. I’d also be interested. Let’s be honest we’re all in this to make a pound or two for ourselves but learning and experience are the name of the game and I think it’s a great idea to both learn and share.
  7. And yet it’s so far taken them over two weeks to open my Limited company as all they keep asking for is for me to prove my source of funds?? Without having bank details I can’t even apply for my remortgage for the first limited company purchase……….. Not impressed so far.
  8. But they should as part of the install issue one.
  9. It’s actually very very easy on godaddy. I produced one for a poker club over lockdown in about 20 minutes. One of the members of the club asked if I would consider building one for his company? He thought I was a web site builder lol.
  10. I’ve just moved over to Hammock and for three properties is gives a lot of value at £5 a month for upto three properties.
  11. NRLA seem to be recommended a lot. And I’ve also used amusing for a credit search at £12.
  12. I think the installer will issue one for the first year as part of his commissioning process.
  13. Doesn’t buying through a limited company structure still reduce your tax liability. I suppose it’s like everything, they give with one hand and take with another. I have a few properties in my name and am just in the process of buying another. Based on the tax demands I’ve just had I’ve decided to use a limited company as were looking for a couple of other BTL currently.
  14. Thanks for the reply. 1. I understand about operating as a business, but that’s why I choose to keep the rent slightly under market. It balances out to keeping the tenants longer which equates to less voids so I lose one way but gain in another. 2.the decision is to increase the portfolio now so the rewards are greater at a later date. 3. It’s one of those. The £1500-2000 I pay now brings me out of a fixed term which o would be in for another 18 months. If the market continues to climb I should offset what I’ve paid. Equally when I took out the mortgages 3-4 years ago
  15. Hi All. so again I read something yesterday to say that the government is targeting all housing to meet a minimum of a C rating, although surprise surprise it’s going to target properties that are being rented first. looking to buy at the moment and some properties are E and could only get to D so it would never comply. And a lot of them I see suggest installing solar panels and solar water heating at a cost of £13-15k with an annual saving of £350-400 per annum. What are people’s thoughts on this? Is anyone worried about the impact of yet another well thought gov
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