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  1. Lodger has moved out 3 days after giving I had given them 1 month notice. Rent was due but did not pay. They have left bulky waste item, i.e. broken TV and said they have 1 month notice so have that period to return when they like to collect belongings. Do they have this right. The have now ignored my message in regards to make arranging for their rubbish and I want my keys asap.
  2. I gave my excluded occupier 1month notice after high utility bill (his tumble drying on all night/before going to work including summer season etc). I gave him over 30% rent reduction during no work with Covid19 for months. After lodger being back at work and paying full rent, he moved girlfriend in with informing or permission. As I could not sustain the cost, I gave him 1 month notice. He moved out 3 days later when the rent was due. Agreement of notice is min 1 week, preferably 1 month. He moved out without leaving keys but left bulky waste, tumble drying, broken TV etc Today I find out from his mother that he will retain keys for 1 month so he can enter property for his bulky waste. As this is without permission and assuming he has lost rights to enter property since stopped paying rent, can I call the police if he enters my house? I'm holding a very small £100 deposit which doesn't cover the holes drill into my new skimed walls, cost of extra person, gas bill over £900+ p1/4 and not metioning electricity.
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