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  1. I was thinking about using Airbnb for a couple of properties I have in Italy as the rental market is completely stalled there (and dont get me started on the sale market!). I do see the potential just like Andy wrote above, and this could become a viable solution to void periods. For my particular case for example, as there are lots of tourists in Florence that often spend long periods of time studying art and architecture there, I think it would make sense to use Airbnb and avoiding agency costs and what else. It is important to factor in costs of bills. For example, air conditioning
  2. I dont know if you are, but I am currently struggling to get good gross yield values. I went for a property viewing today in Wimbledon and everything looked great..untill I put the numbers in my excel sheet and I was amazed that so far what Ive found doesn't give higher than 2,5% gross yield and a ROI of 6%. I am curious to see if the Telegraph is right about gross yileds..lots of places to go and explore! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/10257398/Cities-offering-the-biggest-returns-to-landlords.html
  3. Nice to see The Telegraph is sharing my interest in BTL locations outside (and including) London. Here is a nice top 10 list for BTL property locations...nice to see Guildford is up there (good job Andrew!!) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/9183548/Top-10-buy-to-let-hot-spots.html?frame=2184593
  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply. Ah I know West Byfleet very well as I lived there for a while! Lovely place and well connected to London. You have given me a great list of towns, I have read a bit about them and they all seem to offer pretty good returns. Im excited about this part of the investment and its good to take time to have a look around. The silliness of the market right now is just out of control. I was talking to a friend (who finally managed to buy his first property) and the competition he had to face when attempting to make an offer on the properties he liked was just
  5. Thanks Rob! commuterguide.co.uk is a really well put together website, Im sure lots of people would benefit from it. Its very true about the South East, always popular and hopefully always will! It is very tempting to hang on a little while longer to save up for a better place in London, but in a way I feel like Im missing out on opportunities on commuter towns. It is a difficult one! However, I have some clear goals and objectives set and the thorough research that Im doing now will hopefully pay off. The plan is to visit a different area around London every week end and view a few
  6. To me, it seems clear that unless one disposes of substantial amounts of cash, London is becoming more and more distant as a viable financial investment for many of us. ROI's and yield values are not great compared to other places in the UK, prices are increasing by the second, and making good deals seems impossible (competitions is fierce!!). But hey, you can argue that London will always have a high demand..a very strong point if every month you have to pay your lender! The amount of people wanting to live in the UK is increasing and London is like a flame to a moth for most of them. On
  7. Hi Rob! When are you guys doing another UK meetup? London would be great, but Im sure lots of us are willing to travel! Cheers
  8. Hello property geeks, im looking for someone to give me some pros and cons about investing in Wimbledon as Im a bit bias to the argument..well I live here and I love it! Apart from the fact that its pretty expensive to buy (im willing to take the hit), but Im looking for a safe property investment and to me it seems like the perfect area. Schools, connections, jobs, shops...pubs. Everything! What do you think? Any views? How do you see this area in the future? cheers!
  9. Ciao a tutti! I am an Italian landlord living in London and I love this forum! Been listening to R&R's podcasts and they are truly inspiring. I have been living in the UK for many years working for a very cool company I own some properties in Italy and although I enjoy being a landlord by name but not by fact, I really miss being close to my investments and dealing with the tenants myself. So, whats the solution?? Well, I will start investing here in England! That is really a no-brainer guys, the market here is awesome and the opportunities to make it big are endless!
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