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  1. Thanks Jordan, In the end fortunately it all has ended favourably (so far). She has been making the normal payments for three months now. I helped her with her claim forms and all has gone through. Thanks, John
  2. Hi All, I am facing a situation and I am not sure what to do. I have had some great tenants in my property for the last five years. They are a couple with a little girl of 4 who has just started school in the areas. They have recently informed me that they are splitting up. The guy is leaving the property and renting somewhere else close by. The woman wants to stay in the property. She has recently asked for a meeting to discuss the situation. She wants to discuss a new contract but she has suggested that she will have to apply for benefits as she may not be able to afford the whol
  3. I've been a member for a few years now and in my experience for kitchens and boilers you can't go wrong. You'll make up the cost of membership pretty much straight on the first purchase (depending on how many properties you own). Definitely recommend but as Kevin suggested for things like paint, maybe worth looking elsewhere
  4. Hi Scott, Will drop you a line but would be great to get a SE London meetup
  5. Thanks Anthony, will do. I also know exactly where the properties are as I have previously looked at a couple. Looking forward to catching up.
  6. Hey Alan, The gross yield is 6.1% which currently is giving me 5.5% net yield which I am happy about. The figures are based on conservative estimate of £1000 rental per month. Currently direct comparables are achieving between £1,100 and £1,150. Fingers crossed though that all runs smoothly. Anthony, great to hear from you. It would be good to meet up as you are pretty much down the road from me. Definitely up for a beer sometime. I am very much a beginner and would be good to have someone nearby to discuss property with. Realistically it may have to be in the new year as my wife is du
  7. Hi Alan, Good to hear from you. It has been a great journey but please to say that I have finally had an offer accepted on a 2 bedroom property near Beckenham Hill. I had missed out on one property at auction and another on the open market. Currently going through the conveyancing process at the mo. Figures seem to work well and yielding just over 6%. It'd be great to catch up with a fellow SE Londoner, although may have to postpone into the new year as my wife is expecting in a week. How are you getting on? Have you isolated an area. Have you looked at anything interesting? Would be g
  8. Hi Richard, Thanks for your comments. Some real food for thought there. I feel I could definitely add some value. It is a 2 bedder with potential to convert to a three bedder therefore opportunity to release some equity at a later date. I'll run some numbers. I just tried to click on your link but think it had expired.
  9. Hi Rob, I think it would be great if you could do a piece on where to source key things for refurbs e.g: what sites to get bathroom suits, taps, flooring/carpets. good quality but well priced. These are the areas where you could sometimes get carried away and it'd be great to get some sources. Appreciate that some may be regional but a lot of things can be purchased online. I had a look at the blog yesterday and have already picked up some really interesting tips. I look forward to reading more form you.
  10. Hi Rob, Just wanted to chip in to say that this is a great idea. I am starting out in property investment (focussed on BTL) and this would be an invaluable resource for me and I imagine quite a lot of people. Keep up the good work and keep the forum posted on your progress. Cheers.
  11. Hi All, I have just had an offer accepted on my first BTL property in SE London. Finally!! I am going for a fixed rate but need to decide between 2 and 5yrs. The 2yr fixed is 2.99% and the 5yr is 4.34%. I am keen to get the view of the hub community on which they'd typically go for. I know that interest rates are due to go up soon so could be a consideration. The difference between the rates will result in either a £311 or £534 profit after maintenance and agent fees. Thanks
  12. Hi, I was also one of Damien Fogg's first students and like Tomas, I have found the experience excellent. It has given me the confidence to take the first steps and I am know eyeing up an auction purchase in the next couple of weeks which is something I definitely would not have done previously. He is nice enough but challenging, particularly in relation to your SMART goals. The tasks he sets are really good at helping you evaluate whether a property is a goer or not. Unfortunately I haven't met with Damien (I am based in London, he is in Liverpool), but the calls and emails have been grea
  13. Just one more question. Can anybody recommend a good company for bridging finance. Starting to get my ducks in a row. Have spoken to a couple of companies but keen to hear from those with previous auction purchase history.
  14. Thanks Dhiren will check the out. Thanks Robert G, some great points mentioned, will hopefully be able to put them into practice in the next round of auctions coming up in September.
  15. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply and some food for thought. I think one option might be through a section 42 (if she is willing). At least then there would be some dialogue with the freeholder and a confirmation either way on the suggested cost for lease extension, I could then weigh up at this stage whether it is worth following through. I think you are right in terms of simpler deals being out there which is why I'll definitely be looking around for what else is out there. I am keen on this deal as if I can pull it off, it represents a genuine below market value in London which are becomi
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