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  1. I have two buy to let properties now, both are managed by letting agents. I would like to share my experience of the tenant recruitment process and would like to hear what other people do. With my first property I didn't have a clue how the tenant selection process went, and I was expecting the letting agent to walk me through the process. They didn't. They held viewings then sent me information on the interested viewers - just names and jobs and whether they had pets or not. They wanted to know which applicants I wanted to go ahead with. I had no idea that I could have asked for more inf
  2. Good points. I'm using letting agents because I'm a newbie - and far away - I've started off the easier route! I would like to manage one myself at one point to learn how to do that.
  3. My (new) tenant wants to set up a beauty salon in the spare room. I would like to give her permission - is there anything I'm missing - any reason I should refuse? I've checked the mortgage terms and there isn't anything in there about the tenants conducting a business from home. I've also checked the insurance and it doesn't cover injuries in her business but she has her own insurance. Any advice or tips?
  4. Do you have an update on what happened? Was what they asked for: 3 months notice and a month's rent - in the contract that your Dad had with them?
  5. Hi Flo When I was buying my first BTL it had a tenant in situ too, and it was quite a challenge to find out the information that I needed. I wanted to know whether or not the tenant had been paying the rent and if she would be a good tenant, etc. The agent selling the property was incredibly unhelpful. They kept asking if I wanted to keep the tenant or not and I said I needed more information on the tenant to make that decision but they said they couldn't give it to me for privacy reasons. Finally they produced a tenancy agreement, and the tenancy agreement showed that the agent selling t
  6. My tenants' rent was increased in February by only £10 per month - a very small amount for two tenants. Unfortuately they have not changed their direct debits and are still paying the old amount so they are now £80 in arrears. The letting agent, who are providing a very poor service, say they have contacted the tenants and there is no response. I only found out in June that the rent had been put up, and have been trying to chase this since then. Rents in the area have gone up quite a lot recently - I would like to increase the rent by up to £100 per month from next February.
  7. So do you usually keep all your tenants on periodic tenancys, then? The letting agent did this without consulting me. This is my first investment property so I'm new to all this.
  8. I have phoned them many times through August and only once did someone answer the phone, that person couldn't help me but took down my message. I have left numerous messages for them to phone me back but nobody has. Perhaps the whole office has shut down? Been fired? Gone away on holiday?
  9. I'm not a local but I was trying to invest in Anfield in 2018-2019 and I got to know the area quite well. My budget was around £50,000. I had an offer accepted for £47,000 on a refurb which looking back now I think I would have done well to have bought. But I got scared and pulled out.
  10. I've seen a flood of apartments advertised for sale by RW invest - they all look very overpriced. Just seeing this on Rightmove has given me a negative impression of them.
  11. Is anyone else using Property Hub Lets to manage their properties? I am very disappointed with their service. Has anyone found the same thing?
  12. I think they should have resumed them in May 2020, when the property industry was deemed essential and allowed to open again (and didn't close last winter).
  13. Why wouldn't you offer them a new AST for a fixed period, just out of interest?
  14. I have had the same problem (but my tenants aren't moving out) - and I have Property Hub Lets managing my property! Who is your letting agent?
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