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    jj_investor reacted to bakedbeans in Every 'Resource of the Week' in one place   
    I've been thinking about putting this list together for a while and seeing another member request it gave me the push I needed. Below is each resource featured on the podcast beginning with episode 1. Go to the corresponding episode number show notes for more info.  I'll keep the list updated as new episodes are released.
    The Richest Man in Babylon Property Bee Evernote Meaningful Money Podcast by Pete Matthew  Rapportive Dropbox Trello Property Investment for Beginners -  Rob Dix Check My File 30/30 Flipboard/Trapit/Pulse Feedly Rightmove Inbox Pause How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie Landlord's Calculator - Property 118 Unroll.me Zombies, Run! Shark Tales - Barbara Corcoran BBC’s "Where Can I afford to live?” calculator High Speed Rail app Fiverr.com Focus@will propertytorenovate.co.uk Don’t Bet to Let Fitocracy Downcast/Instacast Mouseprice Instapaper National Landlord Association 15 Alternatives to Rightmove Lift/Ask Me Every Yesware Get up to speed with online marketing You can book me The Email Game 'How much is that house?' game Interview tips Property research tool by Property 118 Top 5 resources of 2013: Trello, Evernote, Hipchat, Buffer, Google Drive Reflect on what you have achieved this year Terrible real estate agent photos Duolingo Dan Andrews Productivity Procedure Meditation  Lodger app Buy or Rent Calculator from NY Times Property Hawk/Pocket Rent If This Then That 1000 day rule N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Momentum (Chrome addon) Asana Buy or Rent Calculator from The Telegraph Old-Maps.co.uk Roomscan app Commuter guide/Commuter Maps Audible Andy Ridley's blog about a refurb project & The Four Hour Work Week eLearning resource for property investors Cell Phone Coverage Map app Locatable Photofeeler DSSmove.co.uk The House Price Game FancyHands One Tab Last Pass Quill How Northern Are you? gotfu*kingdoit.com assistant.to Pocketcasts ifixit.com World time buddy noddle.co.uk Zoom Recordit Property Investment Tips Podcast Fantasy Foreign Property Finder Adblock Plus Google Keep Lets with Pets Checker Plus for Google Calendar Youtube video downloaders Outgrow.me Protect Your Tech - Mish Slade & Rob Dix Best of 2014:
    Podcasts - Philosophise this, Here's the thing with Alec Baldwin, The Tim Ferris Show, Serial, Tropical MBA.
    Apps - Pocket, Pulse, Pomorodoro apps, Slack, Mailbox.
    Books - The Innovators, The 7 Day Start Up, Augustus, Spartan Up, The Everything Store, Beyond The Bricks, Flash Boys, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
    Blogs - Raptititude, Mr Money Mustache, Wait but Why N/A N/A How the economic machine works by Ray Dalio Landlord Tap Naminum Glymspe Free Fax to Email The Secret Weapon The National Self Build and Renovation Centre withoomph.com Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography - Total Recall Canned Emails Gutenberg.org Crime Map app Sonos sound system Travel Like a Pro - Mish Slade TaskRabbit Property Tracker for Chrome Fix my Street Grammarly How would your property have done in the last 5 recessions - spreadsheet by Ed Atkinson Streetlife Travel by Drone The Land Registry free alerts service Scribble Maps Read blog posts and Kindle out loud/VoiceOver Property Viewing Checklist Mixmax Sunrise Calendar Smart Record Rescue Time f.lux Uber Revolut Gett N/A How to build a world-class network in record time - The Tim Ferris Podcast episode Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics Elon Musk - How the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future OneNote Amazon Prime Crossrail Research Tool Resolver Cold Turkey (PC)/Self Control (Mac) appear.in Mark Morris Voicemail - listen to show Trump - The art of the deal by Donald Trump brain.fm Osper Rightmove’s house price trendometer Newsify Best of 2015:
    Books - The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton, The One Thing by Gary Keller, Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, The Real Deal: The Autobiography of Britain’s Most Controversial Media Mogul
    Podcasts - The Art of Charm, Planet Money, The History of Rome, Hardcore History, The Tim Ferris Show, The Mystery Show, Startup, Weekly Economics Podcast
    Apps/Software - Mixmax, Should I Answer, OneNote, Sunrise Calendar, Trello Business Centre, Chromebox
    Bonus: Heads Up N/A Propcision N/A thepropertyhub.net/strategy & The Big Short The Ultimate Property Strategy Course MOOCs - OpenLearn from The Open University, Coursera, Openlearning Toshiba 2 Chromebook/Deli Chromebox FightMediocrity (YouTube Channel) Focus music - listen to the same track on repeat/Inception soundtrack Property Detective Britain’s Trillion Pound Island - BBC Documentary Clearscore Interactive maps - house prices in your area, house price change since 1995 Interactive map - options for commuting into London iAuditor Homecheck Invoco Toshl N/A Archilogic Listen to audio material on 1.25x speed EI Group Free Lunch by David Smith/Khan Academy Series on Microeconomics Housing affordability map from the Department for Communities & Local Government Switchboard Free Streetcheck.co.uk Podio The UK House Price Index Office Lens Receipt Bank Toggl Hiring Process - Trello Board Picmonkey/Canva draw.io Google Inbox MySMS BBC Rental Hotspots Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator - Chrome Extension RMP Conveyancing Document Email Hunter Mubert  Pocket/Zapier/Feedly Vivino The Property Hub Atext/Phrase Expander Vigilante Driversnote Monzo Credit Score Map by Clearscore PanicGuard Overcast.FM Butler for Trello Best of 2016:
    Books - Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni, Titan: The Life of John D Rockefeller Sr by Ron Chernow, Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton, Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, Speculator by Doug Casey, Open by Andre Agassi
    Podcasts - How I built this, Conversations with Tyler, London Finch Podcast, The Spectator Podcast
    Apps/Software - Virgin Train App, Pocket, Instagram, Kindle App - Word Runner, Shoudl I Answer, Franz
    Other: Jet Skiing, Billions, Narcos, No Coffee, Meditation, I am not your guru, Supermench Goal Setting Course - The Property Hub  Plentific Thetopinbox.com Shapr.co Photo Splash Zero to One - Peter Thiel Video Speed Controller - Chrome extension Placenorthwest.co.uk - info on the Northern Powerhouse The Checklist Manifesto/Trello/Evernote/Google Docs/Process Street/Jing Arnold Schwarzenegger - Total Recall/How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big - Scott Adams/Tools of Titans - Tim Ferris/The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*** - Mark Manson/Delivering Happiness - Tony Hseih www.walkscore.com Credit Club Subliminal Affirmations Focusmusic.fm
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    jj_investor got a reaction from Jane F in Not sure whether to sell or rent out my property ??   
    If at all possible, you should keep the property and rent it out. Always better to own an asset that is earning income if you can. 
    It may be that further down the line, you can revalue the old flat and take some equity out as a deposit on a new 2 bed property. 
    Good luck
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    jj_investor reacted to Rich Sutherland in Right move gurus?   
    Hi JJ!
    You can also see sold prices through Rightmove by going to the Rightmove home page and selecting 'House Prices' at the top and then 'Sold House Prices', you can then enter the road or post code and select 'List View' and it will show the history of sales. 
    You can even view images from that time for some properties, I imagine that is if they were listed on Rightmove at the time, if it wasn't then you just get the address and price sold for but you can then use google maps and google to try and find out more information.
    Hope that helps!
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    jj_investor got a reaction from robert gollings in Anyone else received an Investor Brochure from LendSwift?   
    I am overseas and get similar interventions from my bank when making large transfers, so I believe it is standard. 
    I like the look of Ledswift a lot. My only problem is the minimum term of 12 months. At the moment, I need cash available for property investment, but I after a round of completions I am going though in the next few months I will dip my toe in the Lendswift water!
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    jj_investor got a reaction from louwillappleid in Bank account for SPV - EXPAT   
    Hi Craig,
    I had no issues setting up the company itself. Companies House website worked fine for me. 
    The bank account took some time. I used HSBC and I was asked to come to the branch to sign certain documents. Not an issue for me, but would be for you!
    As for lending, the options are severly limited. 
    As a UK citizen, living overseas but with a UK company, I found only Shawbrook willing to lend. They are expensive, require separate lawyers and therefore fees. Of coure a personal guarantee is required. 
    Because lending is so expensive, I am buying some properties with cash and when the portfolio is a little larger, I believe that some more lenders may be available. 
    I'll let you know how I get on!
    Good luck with it all. 
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    jj_investor got a reaction from iainmat in UAE Expat B2L Mortgage   
    Hello fellow ex pats!
    I'd be interested for those who have set up Ltd companies for property purchases:
    - have you been able to borrow for smaller purchases (50-100k value)?
    - how are your rates?
    - did you need to provide a personal guarantee?
    I am hitting a brick wall whenever I try to borrow small amounts, either personally or through a company. 
    Cheers from Switzerland!
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    jj_investor got a reaction from Alexissoi in Land/site for a new build   
    One of my long-term goals is to buy a plot of land or an old house to demolish for a self-build project (more accurately "someone-else build"). I'd like to buy somewhere in the south of England ideally fairly close to the coast. 
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice in buying land or a site? 
    Ideally, I would buy a property on a large plot (£400-£500k region) in say 2 years. I would rent it out for 2-3 years then build a new property. I'd prefer to buy the plot sooner rather than later to hedge against price increases (which would be accentuated by the extra stamp duty as I have other properties).
    I have only just started researching, but the property-hubbers usually have good advice that can save time and money!
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    jj_investor got a reaction from Ben Parham in UAE Expat B2L Mortgage   
    Hello fellow ex pats!
    I'd be interested for those who have set up Ltd companies for property purchases:
    - have you been able to borrow for smaller purchases (50-100k value)?
    - how are your rates?
    - did you need to provide a personal guarantee?
    I am hitting a brick wall whenever I try to borrow small amounts, either personally or through a company. 
    Cheers from Switzerland!
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    jj_investor reacted to andy garnett in BREXIT - What next?   
    Hi SC109
    Some of the more well known figures out there were all keen to get their point of view out there straight after the vote, you might want to watch some of their responses:
    Mark Homer from Progressive: https://www.facebook.com/720902938000368/videos/1043902165700442/
    Aran Curry: https://youtu.be/2fB2MRl9t9U
    Simon Zutshi: https://youtu.be/F2l-WEievnI
    (altho this one wasn't directly related to the vote)
    I'm also looking forward to Rob and Robs response. 
    As always, listen to what they have to say but you have to make your own mind up.  Regarding flipping, my own view would be the market might be a bit softer as a result of the vote meaning you might not get the valuations you were after, but I think there will be a few more properties "on sale" as people may be willing to accept lower prices in order to get a sale...but only my view!!
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    jj_investor got a reaction from andrew hill in Ltd company for an expat   
    Hello everyone,
    I am an expat, looking to set up a limited company in the UK. 
    Do any other expats have experience of setting up companies? Do you have the same access to lending as companies with UK-based owners?
    As an expat, the mortgages I can get at the moment have certain restrictions, for example;
    - higher rates (although this is probably similar to company lending rates)
    - minimum mortgage loans (around £100,000)
    - no off-plan purchases
    Using a Ltd company would hopefully provide more flexibility (and has other advantages). 
    I have some property experience with three UK properties held privately. 
    I will speak with some lenders, but it would be great if anyone could share real experiences.
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