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    London (originally from Yorkshire)
  • Areas I invest in
    None (yet) but within a mile of Leeds Station would be first choice due to imminent regeneration, personal knowledge & HS2 (long way off but will be buying and holding!)
  • About me
    2 years after graduating from uni, I'm currently working as a Product Manager at an automotive firm. I like my job, but there's no doubt my true passion lies in property. It may sound silly to say this in my mid-20s with no properties to my name, but I know it's for me because learning about property is the only hobby I've consistently enjoyed!

    I have enough capital to invest but doesn't make financial sense to start investing until I have my own place (due to 3% additional stamp duty, no stamp duty for first time buyers & Lifetime ISA benefits). Should have my own place by summer 2019 at very latest so that's when my journey will begin!
  • Property investment interests
    At this stage I am keeping my mind open to anything. Whilst changes to BTL tax relief will put many off, I (perhaps naively) figure that there's still going to be 10s of millions of renters in UK and fewer people wanting to get into property, which surely means opportunities?

    The buy/add value/remortgage BTL strategy may is proven but I'm not convinced the input is rewarded as it should be (and this model certainly doesn't appeal as much as it might have if I was investing in mid-2000's).

    Like many, the crazy yields of HMO's appeal but I've heard horror stories.

    Then there's everything else, and I appreciate that's a heck of a lot! I'd love to find a niche, exploit it and make it my own.
  • My skills
    My current job requires me to be good with numbers and people - something I feel would translate nicely into property.

    I have no direct property experience but hope that 4 years of learning (books/podcasts/forums) means I'm not quite a total newbie (although you may think differently!)
  • My goals
    My primary goal is to have the option of retiring from 'work' aged 50 with a minimum of £5,000 net monthly income from my portfolio. State pension for people of my generation will likely be 80s the way it's going! Something that I am absolutely not going to do as I want to retire healthy and able to enjoy travelling, sports etc.
  • Interests outside property
    Socialising, playing football/tennis, business/investment, photography, mentoring budding entrepreneurs for Prince's Trust.

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  1. Hi Jack, Welcome! Great shout living at home whilst you can - if I worked near where I am from I'd be all over that as you can save so much more (providing your parents don't charge you market rent!) If I were in your position I'd definitely aim to get a place that would allow me to rent a room or two out. I'm sure you know about the tax-free £7,500 you can get with Rent a Room scheme (https://www.gov.uk/rent-room-in-your-home/the-rent-a-room-scheme) Are you any good at DIY or got pals/family who are? Might be worth getting yourself a place that needs some refurbishment so you can add value and remortgage after not too long so you can release equity to invest again. Not sure if your plan is to continue investing over the long term, but if it is, then I'd definitely recommend doing this as otherwise your hard-earned deposit will be stuck in your property for a number of years until you've paid off some of the capital or the property appreciates naturally. Having said that, Liverpool tipped for good things in the near future so if you buy intelligently you could see strong growth before long. Cheers, Jack
  2. Hi Northern, I came across your post as I was just about to ask pretty much exactly the same question! I'm 25, 2 years into a career in automotive industry and whilst enjoying it (overall), what I feel most passionate about is property investment. Like you, I never get bored of property books/podcasts, am also a spreadsheet geek (I've got a coaster and mug to prove it), AND developed an unhealthy obsession with HUTH whilst at uni. I'm also a proud Northerner. So I'm afraid whilst I can't answer your questions, I'd be keen to keep in touch to see if we can help one another out? Hi Darren - are there any career paths that you would recommend to a budding property investor who's keen to build the knowledge required to move into full-time investment? I figure the people who crunch the numbers for property sourcing companies will have a fantastic understanding of the market/upcoming regions, but I am sure there's careers I've never heard of?! Cheers, Jack
  3. Hi all, Hoping for some landlord advice as my parents are in a bit of a tricky situation. They’ve been renting out a 3-bed house (30mins from York, 50mins from Leeds) for £1,200 PCM to a family for just over 2 years. To date, they’ve been perfect tenants and we have a good relationship with them. However, they’ve not been able to pay rent this month because of the self-employed father losing a contract. He’s looking for other jobs at the moment but no guarantee he’ll have a reliable income in the near future. My parents have a couple of ideas for what to do including reducing rent until they’ve found new tenants to reduce impact of a void period but I’d like some suggestions from you guys as to what you’d do in this scenario? Parents are going to be very busy over next 3 months so would like to do whatever is simplest without of course losing too much rental income. Thanks very much, Jack
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