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  1. When you're buying a property you don't intend to live in for most or all of the time - e.g. a buy-to-let property or holiday/second home - you'll have to pay 3% extra in stamp duty. The main exception to this is people who've never owned a property before and are investing in buy-to-let property as first-time buyers, who will pay standard home mover rates.
  2. The past year has been a headache for would-be home buyers who dealt with quickly-rising prices and a shrinking number of options. That buyer squeeze now seems to be easing — and the housing headache is shifting to the rental market. Rising vacancy rates during the pandemic led to stagnant or falling rents in many metro areas, but that's showing signs of reversing, creating problems for both renters and the Federal Reserve in the months to come.
  3. A few months ago, zillennials and young millennials were associated with the urge to splurge on lifestyle expenses. The fear sparked by the covid-19 crisis seems to have changed that. More and more people from these categories are now becoming serious about investing, data from various online investing platforms shows.
  4. it remains to be seen, and perhaps an unintended consequence of the release has been sector-wide confusion due to the lack of detail provided.
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