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  1. Buying a property through an auction is a fairly profitable and effective option. My brother is interested in the topic of real estate investment. He says that the appeal of the auction is that you are provided with fast transaction processing. If you have money, why not? Of course, before investing, find out more information about the apartment, prepare the necessary documents together with your brother. You said brokers can't help you https://www.vakuudetonlaina.com/2000e-laina-ilman-vakuuksia/ . I think this is a big problem, without a broker it will be difficult to find the object you need and bring it to a profitable deal.
  2. Last year I opened a mini-store on Instagram selling jewelry that I make with my own hands. I think this fits your description of a non-real estate business. During all this time, the most important thing that I realized is that you need excellent and creative photos of your products and high-quality advertising of your services for a successful business. I tried to set up advertising on my own and contact advertising agencies, which helped me create a big brand. I'm even thinking now to turn to some service by type innovation-park.eu to open a full-fledged store in Europe, where my parents live. I could make it our family business; I hope I will succeed
  3. I think you should change the door and go for the $1400 option. As a firefighter myself, I would honestly go for the more expensive one but I realize that you probably are not ready to part with that amount of money for something that might never be used even though I think that safety is worth it, you never know. The least you can do is change the door for a bit cheaper but change it nonetheless. I know it might feel like this is a waste of money but I assure you that it’s anything but that. I hope that you will listen to my advice or that you already have changed the fire door. Anyone interested in a job that provides you with a sense of meaning in life should try to take a pearson vue test.
  4. Hello. A very interesting question, in fact, you asked. definitely, the air conditioner adds a certain percentage to the cost of real estate. And sometimes very considerable. But everything depends on the quality of the air conditioner and its condition. a good, maintained, expensive air conditioner will certainly attract buyers and add a good amount to the cost of the house. It may even pay for itself. But if the air conditioner is in poor condition, then the buyer will consider it as consumer goods. In such cases, I recommend repairing air conditioners. Because in this case, you can even go to the plus. For example, I use a very good service. They do the work cheaply and efficiently.
  5. For a long time, I was just using a word document as a portfolio lol. It worked fine, I was able to write down everything that I needed to and have every bit of information readily available. It made managing finances much easier too. However, later I found this WVPC. It allows you to keep track of your finances and even manage a portfolio in a very handy way. It is very useful because having this will help you in the long run as it stores information about your transactions and works to help you with your pension fund. Now I use this for my portfolio and it is better than a word document for sure.
  6. What a strange situation. I haven't heard anyone have such a situation. Sounds pretty intriguing. I am not the best master in real estate, but I think I would buy the house if I were you. If the only problem is that a man convicted of sex crimes lived, well, I don't see it as a big problem. You still invest in it, you change it, and that's it. The history of the house is changing. But if already two buyers refused to buy it, there may be another problem. I would recommend for your safety to seek the help of a specialist in real estate law, insurance law, contracts, and litigation, etc. I think they could give you the best advice. ________________________________________________________ the link: https://www.vasaadvokat.se/tvist-vid-husforsaljning-ta-hjalp-av-advokat-5-satt-att-vinna-tvisten/
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