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  1. My fellow banker says that when it is impossible to get their money from the borrower they usually sell these debts on specialised marketplaces to maximize money return.
  2. I couldn't agree with you more 👍
  3. It would be better to assemble such a kit yourself. Just because you know the preferences of your body better than anyone
  4. Number 4 is 1 of the most important points in the list and oftentimes the most neglected ones
  5. After your review I also found myself thinking that it would be a great idea to pass these courses myself
  6. bagraddur

    Day jobs?

    What programming languages do you know?
  7. If you are a fan of detective stories then I highly recommend to have a look at Ben Elton's Time and Time Again. A true masterpiece As a rule this book can be found in fb2 but if you are a Kindle owner you will surely need this converter.
  8. I would be very careful with investing money if you are a rookie then better start with reading specialised literature because you risk to lose all your money if you invest it in areas you know nothing about. Better take up some hobby which eventually in the long run can bring you some money. Say, I am a video editor working with some quite famous authors. If you have a thing for video editing I would recommend to start with some tools like this one to get a better understanding of how the whole process goes.
  9. For me 1 of the most valuable habits is going to bed early and ... investing money should always work! That is why I always keep reading books and articles on investing
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