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  1. Anyone who has agreed to purchase a flat in the Weavers Court development through Property Hub Invest/RMP has likely received a similar phone call to me this week regarding the future of the development. Would anyone else like to share their thoughts on this either on or off the forums? I'd be interested to know what other people are considering with regards to the options.
  2. Thanks Richard and Stuart, some really helpful information for me there. Looks like I'll have to do the CeMAP qualification as well, which shouldn't be too hard as I've already done the boring ethics part! There are plenty of new broker jobs around and only a few that I've seen ask for CAS status already. Hopefully I can find a solution that works! Thanks again
  3. Hi All, Hoping there are a few brokers/advisers kicking about in here who might be able to help. I'm currently on the hunt for a new job/career change, I've got experience in the finance/banking industry as well as a Diploma in Financial Planning (level 4), meaning I meet the industry standards for issuing advice. I've been looking at Mortgage Adviser/Broker jobs and have noticed that the adverts all ask for the CeMAP (level 3) qualification, occasionally they also state "other relevant qualifications", but don't list exactly what they are. My question is, within the industry is the DipFA an acceptable qualification for a broker? Or is the CeMAP far superior? What are my chances of gaining employment with the DipFA but not the CeMAP? Any advice or help is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. This is interesting as what chserratt001 has just quoted goes against my understanding of this. I wonder if this is only the case where someone has sold their main residence and is "replacing" it before the new rules have come into play?
  5. Reading back through Martin H's comments a few months on from the original post. Does anyone have any more thoughts on this? Has anything changed since then? Has anyone now got further with the purchase and can comment on the rates/LTV/Fees they've paid and how this has affected things going forward? Grateful for any further information. Thanks
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