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  1. Hi all, Is it reasonable to put a time limit of 3 days on offers in this country? It's something I'm used to doing in Australia but wanted to get an understanding of what works in this country. Buying in the London market, below market value. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Julia - the reason I brought this up is because the real estate agent flagged it when we enquired about the property. It has been sold relatively frequently (2002, 2015, 2021), so I'll probe the REA about the current homeowner's motivations for selling.
  3. Hi, We are First Time Buyers looking to buy our first home. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of living above an Underground tube tunnel? We are looking at a property where there is noise and vibration from the Piccadilly Line underneath. Would this significantly reduce the property's resale value, and is it a quality of living issue? The only discussion I've found on this is this thread, but it is rather old so I'm wondering if improvements have been done to the Underground since then to improve this issue. Thank you, looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  4. Hi Mark and Sues, Sorry to dig up an old post, but this is also of great interest in me. We're planning to buy in Portugal using an ARI/golden visa. Did either of you have any luck with this process? Thanks, Laura
  5. Hi all, Because everyone loves a good floorplan challenge... We're looking to purchase this property as first-time buyers - the only downside is it doesn't have a bathtub! I'm looking to have one added in - either by renovating the current bathroom, or adding another bathroom. How would you add a bathtub to this floorplan? (Bonus points for some estimates on the cost as well) I've got some thoughts of my own, but will post those after others have shared... Looking forward to hearing your creative ideas!
  6. Hi Suzanne, Thanks so much for your reply, this is a really valuable insight and sorry to hear about the poor return. I guess that is why it was called a "property bubble"! That increase in service charge also sounds like a nightmare. I'm looking at houses which I'm hoping will be more manageable in terms of supply/demand, but I agree the yields in Cambridge don't stack up compared to other places e.g. the North.
  7. Hi Rob, thank you, this is really helpful
  8. Hi brains trust, I'm interested in a house but it's a chain property. Just wondering what can we do to ensure that the seller moves out of the house in a reasonable timeframe. Can this be structured into an offer, or can we state in the purchase contract a clause that they have to move or pay rent equal to the mortgage after 3 months or so? What options do I have? Thank you!
  9. Hi Property61, Sorry to dredge up an old topic, but it's exactly what I was looking for - did you have any recommendations on property sourcers in Cambridgeshire for BTL? Thanks, Laura
  10. Very early days - just have put my feelers out & keeping an eye on the market. Waiting to remortgage one in Oz and sort out some finances before I even apply for a mortgage decision in principle and start the hunt seriously
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply! The Aussie BTLs were because I was living there (I'm an Australian citizen) which made it a lot easier! Now that I'm settled here in the UK, I'm turning my attention to this market. After this Cambridge purchase, we'll reassess as usual, but the focus will probably be on getting the place in Portugal if all is looking good 🤞
  12. Hi everyone! I'm Laura, I'm in my early 30s and work full-time. I started listening to The Property Podcast last year and have been binging the episodes, the content is absolute gold. I have a handful of BTLs in Australia and will be purchasing my first property (residential mortgage) here in Cambridge this year. I know the Cambridge property market is overpriced, but I'm a fan of blue chip areas & I'm looking at pockets which are still relatively affordable for a first home buyer. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has bought in Cambridgeshire and what their experiences have been. And if there are any regular meetups in Cambridgeshire, I'd be keen to come along. My plan is to create a regular passive income & achieve financial independence in the next 10 years. I also plan to own a property in Portugal - one of my hobbies is surfing Thank you, looking forward to learning from you all!
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