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  1. Could there be debt that the block of flats currently owe or repairs expected to be done and the new owner will be liable for?
  2. Please bear with me with all the details and seemingly disconnected information - this is a complex situation :( About 6 months ago I have accepted a couple who are both EU citizens as tenants. One of them (X) were in the middle of applying for permanent residency under the EU Settlement Scheme. This is the one I negotiate with and receive rent from the whole time. As the Certificate of Application from the Home Office said X is allowed to live in the UK*, and the application was pending, I have only signed a 12 month AST contract with the one who is a UK permanent resident (Y) . I also agreed with them (off record) to let X stay, and will amend the contract to include both as soon as the application was approved. (*later on I realise I should have asked for a verification from Landlord Checking Service but I didn’t) On the day they moved in, X paid a 3-month rent upfront. I asked X to set up a direct debit / standing order going forward (also mentioned in the contract). The 4th month rent was delayed, X blamed their bank for the delay and said it could take 3-5 working days for the funds to arrive. Eventually the rent after in excess of 2 week or so delay. Now coming to the 6th month, the rent didn’t arrive at my bank account again and X blame it on the bank, saying the funds have left their account. X said they only left little funds in their UK account so will take time to make a transfer from their foreign account before they can pay me again. After a few message exchanges X had gone silent. I have since then sent a formal email to Y and a message to X to say their 6th rent is outstanding, and if they fall into arrears for 2 months (which is soon) then I will have to start the eviction process. X messaged me back saying the permanent resident application was rejected, and he’s been busy working with lawyers to see if the application could be saved (and hence the silence). He also sounded furious and blamed me for asking them to set up a standing order with the bank which was the source of delay (which I honestly do not believe but I didn't want to get into a pointless argument with him). I have since messaged X again and asked him for the timeline regarding his residency application and the outstanding rent but he hasn’t responded. From conversations with X, I was under the impression that they are not understand any financial strain, and certainly have the means to pay me, so there’s absolutely no reasons for these delays apart from them not having the will to pay me. Regardless of their reasons for the delay, I am no longer willing to accommodate them due to their high maintenance and my lost of trust and would like to terminate with them ASAP on the grounds of rent arrears. Also, now that X told me his application was rejected, I am worried that I will get into trouble for hosting someone without the right to stay, especially now I realise I didn’t get a verification from the Landlord Checking Service at the start. I appreciate the situation became more complex because I don' t legally have a contract with X (only with Y). My question is, what’s the best way to handle this to minimise my damage? Thank you!
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