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  1. Morning folks, I bit of advice please on a deposit for one of my rentals that has been returned to me. Long story short, the tenant left owing a few months rent. The deposit which was held within the DPS has been returned back to me via estate agent. The estate agent has then taken their management fees off the returned amount for the period of time that the tenant was in arrears. Is this correct please, I was expecting the full amount of the deposit back, am I wrong. Many thanks. Mark.
  2. Hi Caroline, Thanks for the response. Can you please elaborate on leasing the properties to a limited company, it sounds rather complicated. Thanks
  3. Afternoon folks, I'm currently doing some research into venturing into holiday lets around the Yorkshire Dales area. At the minute i'm doing all the numbers and the considerations to do it all via a LTD structure or not. Does anyone out there have any experience of this? One thing that springs to mind is what would be my exit strategy. So if & when i might decide to sell up in the future how easy would it be to sell a holiday cottage type property, is it a limited market. I cant help drawing comparisons with student pods and rooms in hotels, which is not the t
  4. Hi mate, Out of interest which part of West Yorks are you in and look to invest in? Regards. Mark.
  5. Hi folks, a quick question please. No doubt many of us are busy preparing tax returns. I understand that losses can be carried forward into the next year, but is that principle applicable to rental profit/loss for property within a LTD structure or does it apply for individuals who use self assessments? Thanks. Mark.
  6. Hi Nikki, I too am from Shipley and have done a lot of research in local area over the last 18 months or so and invested close to where i live. I hope to progress next year and will possibly look at refurb projects if the right property comes along. I've been to a few of the meet ups in Leeds but haven't made one recently due to work commitments. Keep us updated on your progress, i'd be interested to know how you are getting on. Good luck. Mark.
  7. Morning folks. Has anyone invested in commercial property at all? Its something that I would like to consider but I'm struggling to find any useful information on this subject or pro's & con's involved. I would be grateful if you could give me some pointers on what may be involved with this type of investment. Many thanks, Mark.
  8. Afternoon folks. I'm sure we all know about the announcement this week regarding lending criteria. So, new BTL mortgages will be stress/affordability tested in from what i gather a very similar manner to a residential mortgage. To be fair if this means more stability to the market then that has to be a plus point. But the first thing that struck me as i read about this was, what will happen to mortgage rates? If we are to be assessed to in order to ensure that we are not any sort of risk to a bank, much like a residential product, then surely we should get the same lower rate for a B
  9. Hi, I've just been looking at the book in the link which you posted. It looks really interesting but could you tell me if it is still relevant considering the impending changes to interest rate relief. Many thanks.
  10. Hi folks. We all know about C24 and no doubt have researched it to death by now. It looks like 20% tax payers may be unaffected but 40% taxpayers will see a significant increase. One thing that has escaped me is if a landlord is pushed up through the 40% bracket with rental income would they be liable for the portion of income which is over the 40% mark? For example: You earn a salary of £35K and get rental income of £15K, total income of £50K. Would they then pay 40% on the difference between £42000 and £50000. Or would it mean that the new rules for interest rate relief would apply to t
  11. That's an interesting post. Are you actually a broker?
  12. Thanks for the rely James. I would like to think that the products would remain competitive. But i wonder as we all wait for any potential fall out from the Judicial Review, will the lenders assess lending criteria and rates again. Thankfully for me the numbers do still work, even with the changes which are coming and i have recently formed a small LTD but as we all know commercial products are more expensive. Difficult decisions ahead. I will be very interested to see what, if anything the Govts reaction to the review is.
  13. Evening folks, I wondered what the general train of thought is with regard to where mortgage rates might be heading? In light of all the impending changes inbound for landlords how do we think lenders may react. Whilst we all do our research i think we have thought about many of the implications of the new rules and no doubt there will be some unintended consequences not though of yet. I have become number blind recently from fettling spreadsheets and have pages of calculations as i stress test and try and plan for the what if's. It is however, only speculation. So a question to those
  14. Excellent thank you. I'm currently reading some interesting articles on property 118. http://www.property118.com/landlord-tax-grab-source-document-exposed/83110/ (you may have seen it) However, cant help feeling nervous that Mrs Blair is on the case!!
  15. Hi Jason, That's an interesting comment, do you know any more about the review and when its happening? Thanks.
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