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  1. Hi Tim, A massive thank you for such a detailed response. My parents are also very grateful as they feel well-equipped to sort everything out. Thank you again, Jack
  2. Hi Richard, My notifications clearly aren't working! Many thanks for passing on Simon's details - I'll be sure to get in touch with him. Cheers, Jack
  3. Hi Sanita, Thanks very much for getting back to me. It just so happens that I attended my first meet-up on Thursday in St. Albans and you're right, it was brilliant! FB/WhatsApp group is a great idea. I know it's not the same thing but if you do fancy a good old natter then let me know: jack_leaf@hotmail.com. Very interested to hear more about your accidental landlady story! Thanks, Jack
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody in North West London/North Yorkshire fancies going for a beer/wine/non-alcoholic beverage some time for a good old natter about the wonderful world of property? I must admit, my portfolio is currently non-existent as I graduated a year ago and I'm still saving madly for my first deposit. However, what I can offer is a lot of enthusiasm and a couple of ears that are very eager to listen and learn from the experience of others. So if anybody fancies a free drink and an opportunity to talk at me then please get in touch! Cheers, Jack
  5. Hi Richard, Sorry for such a late reply and thank you for the advice. I'm not sure where to start looking for an IFA - can you recommend any firms that have IFAs who specialise in BTL? Whilst it wouldn't be ideal to add my name to parents' mortgage, I guess it makes sense that it would overcome the issue of getting a BTL mortgage without having my own residential one? Thanks very much, Jack
  6. Hi all, Been listening to Rob & Rob on the podcast for a while but haven't spent much time on here until now - so much helpful content! Anyway, I'm seeking some advice as I'm not a homeowner but desperately wish to invest in property. My salary is above £25K and I'll soon have enough deposit to invest in the North East, but the main obstacle I foresee is convincing a lender to help me out given that I'm currently renting. A little about my situation: living and working in London but originally from Yorkshire. I really don't fancy putting 5% down and getting a 200 year residential mortgage here in London (despite the almost inevitable capital growth) so I plan to begin my property investment journey with buy-to-lets in high-yielding areas in Yorkshire. Am I deluded or can I realistically put 25% down on a £80K property (yes, won't be the nicest area to begin with but will look out for fundamentals) and expect a lender to help me out when I don't own a property? From my research it appears as though this is possible but not easy. I understand that Natwest lend to people like me? When I met with a Natwest mortgage adviser I was told that if I added my name to my parents' mortgage this would fulfill this criteria...? I clearly wouldn't be living in the property as I live/work 200 miles away but I'm assuming lenders wouldn't just take my word for it. Sorry for the very incoherent jumble of questions but I can't seem to get a straight answer on this so would massively appreciate any of your thoughts. I'd go to a mortgage broker but feel that as I don't have the deposit yet I'd be escorted outside! Thanks very much, Jack P.S. Is mortgageable a word?
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