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  1. It's not just you - the website looks great but the font is so big I have to view it zoomed out as well Anyway, it still a really nice upgrade, keep up the great work property hub team!
  2. Hi John, apologies for the delayed reply, I've only just seen your post. I'm not able to disclose specifics in case for some reason it jeopardises the case but if it helps at all, we had a third party consultancy inspect the building and they found that there was another fire-related aspect that was not up to regulation at the time of build and so it should not have signed off. To further update the story - at first the insurers tried to deny the entire claim, but then capitulated and admitted that they will cover some of the cladding (there are a few different types involved with our bu
  3. Hi all, I have HMO rooms where some tenants stay for 6+ months, but some only stay for periods of 4-12 weeks. Most of them are great but I'm worried that if things go sour with one or two or them, and I had signed a normal AST with them, it's possible they could stop paying rent 3 months in and refuse to leave the room until I can get possession/bailiffs in after 6 months. It's the kind of area (near an industrial park/construction sites etc.) that if I don't take these short term lets, rooms would likely be empty for many weeks of a year which would be a waste. To be clear, 95% of them are gr
  4. Hi all, I had a tenant leave a property who has not replied to any correspondence, including whether to approve or deny the deposit claim I am making for the full amount to be paid to me because of outstanding rent. The DPS dashboard and my messages to DPS social media only gives an option to fill in a Statutory Declaration form which has to be witnessed signed by a solicitor! I suspect they will probably charge me in the region of £100-250 just for this...unless anyone here has a different experience. I am based in Manchester. When this happened about a year ago (before DPS renewed t
  5. Good reply from Dino above - usually the answer to a question is a better question! Just a quick note on the furnishings - you have to look at your market and what kind of people tend to want to live there (eg. students usually want furniture provided, families have their own stuff etc.) To err on the side of caution, I would keep the furnishings in there if they're already part of completion, do a few viewings and ask the best tenants if they have or prefer their own furniture or do they want to use what you've provided (if they intend to stay long term). That way, you can give a
  6. I had a similar thing happen to me. Homeground were sending ground rent bills to the property's address, not my business address, but when it came to adding lots of legal fees for late payment from JB Leitch they magically found my correct address! A whopping £367 for £67.25 worth of ground rent. It turned out that my address was incorrectly filled on the Notice to Landlord as the property's address by a junior paralegal, so I didn't have a leg to stand on. However, my solicitors admitted their mistake and paid the legal fees for me, and I paid the ground rent due. It is ridiculous
  7. Hi all, here's a brief update since this topic has been featured in the Property Hub email. We have had success with the insurance claim due to a professional investigation we had carried out which found another separate issue with the building that we can base the claim on. It is quite a serious issue so I will provide more details when everything has been approved. So if your insurance is still valid, it may be worth looking into trying to find another major defect with the building in order to claim the insurance to fix the cladding as well. We are still paying for the waking watc
  8. Hi All, Apologies for the lack of updates, I didn't know that there had been more replies to this thread until I received a notification that I was directly quoted. Thank you for sharing your stories, it would be good to turn this thread into a source of information so that we can help each other. Yes there have been a couple of updates since January, the main development being that we lost the First Tier Tribunal that determined who would be responsible for the fire warden costs. For details, see this link https://www.lease-advice.org/news-item/use-wardens-recovery
  9. Wow, thanks for posting this Joceline, now I know to double check this before going with an agent as well! I would have made the same mistake as you and just assumed that they would do it. To be honest, if they're not using Rightmove/Zoopla/online portals in this day and age, and still aren't able to rent it out within 1-2 weeks, they almost deserve to lose your business. Don't feel bad that you went with another agent, they're supposed to provide a service and in this instance they didn't deliver so it's well within your right! You need the property rented out after all, and ever
  10. Hi, in my experience an important factor in cash vs. mortgage is if you can get a good deal paying cash - if you find a motivated seller who is willing to lower the price on a 'guaranteed' sale that will go through quickly because you have cash and aren't at the mercy of a lender (especially as you may be a first time buyer) it may be worth the trade off of locking in your cash for 6 months if you get enough of a discount.
  11. Hi, please see my post on this if it helps:
  12. Hi annav1, for you and anyone else reading, here's a brief update: We had our second tribunal which we think went fairly well, much helped by our solicitor which a few dozen of us banded together to contribute for. It will take a few more weeks before we hear the results, but we remain optimistic. The fact that we managed to work together like this may be our saving grace as we have heard stories about leaseholders in other developments who have not been able to pool resources to do something like this. The first insurance claim failed, which we were told is normal sinc
  13. The fire marshals have to be on duty 24 hours a day, so I think it will be hard to get enough people to agree to do hours shifts even if it saves money because the costs are spread out among all leaseholders
  14. I agree with seeking professional advice. That said, it depends if you're looking to finance using a mortgage, or plan to in the future. It won't affect you as much while you are in basic tax bracket, but in the future rental income can push you both into the higher tax bracket, and as far as I know only in a Ltd co can you claim mortgage interest payments as tax relief. It will be more admin work but can save you in the long run as you'll have a formal agreement that both of you own 50% of the assets/liabilities etc.
  15. Thank you Anthony, I have been reading further into this (many thanks for your link) and we're due to have a meeting with our solicitor/the landlord over the coming weeks. The second tribunal hearing is also in a few weeks. Regarding your point, the landlord has taken action regarding the fire safety by employing the fire marshals but has unfortunately decided to use the money from the leaseholders' sinking fund to do so, even though it hasn't yet been decided if we are responsible at all for the interim costs. We are doing our best to discuss and agree what can be done to save mo
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