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  1. Hey guys, i have a question. I want to sell my own house in few years time but I want to buy a new one after that. Can I do it through first time buyers? I want to put 10% deposit. or I would rather buy a second home with 10% deposit? it is hard to buy a second home?
  2. Thanks Kerry, we already started the legal process, searches and stuff. The only thing that takes long is the probate, once granted I think we can finish the sale process very quick. Hoping this will be soon.
  3. Updates from them is that they keep telling me will be done next week, in two weeks and is still not done. Do you think asking for a discount on the property is a good way to do in this case?
  4. I don't know yet. I am planning to contact the agency again this week or beginning of next week to find out more information again. I worked really hard on this property (to find it, to prepare all the docs, plans, etc) so need to push hard to get this probate process done asap. Thank you for your information.
  5. @EvolutionBlogger any thoughts on this? Should I wait by the end of September?
  6. They told me that they applied in June and should be ready in 2 weeks. If is not ready in 2 weeks I need to think of what to do in this situation.
  7. Hey Guys, currently I am about to buy a property as an investment. My solicitor and lender already started the documents but my solicitor found out that the property that I am buying is going through probate at the moment. Never been in this situation. How long usually this takes? If property goes through probate will affect me that I am buying the property? Thank you
  8. thank you, I guess I need to get a bridging loan first then refurb the prop and refinance after.
  9. Hi everyone, I want to buy a property for BTL but I need to do refurb first before renting out. Couple of agencies told me that the lenders will not give me mortgage for BTL because of the state of the property. It is true? Will be my first BTL
  10. Currently made an application with starling but they process requires a lot, I am currently looking for properties but they are asking me to give them a mortgage principle. You guys had the same experience with starling? What do you guys think of monzo? I heard they application is easy and quick.
  11. Hey guys, do you think now is a good time to buy BTL property? I am seeing that a recession is gonna come in few months and will hit the property market hard. What do you guys think?
  12. Hey guys, I am looking to buy my first BTL through company ltd. Do I need to have a landlord license for this? Thank you
  13. Hey guys, I am looking to open a business bank account for the company. I talked with Barclays and looked into starling, what do you guys suggest? Thank you
  14. Thank you, I guess a transaction from my personal account to business account will be enough. I am not planning to charge interest rate. I will have a look to do a loan agreement between me and my own company. Do you have any free templates that I can use? thank you
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