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  1. Might be worth waiting to see what happens over the next couple of months to see what effect the recent changes has on the market.
  2. Entrepreneur On Fire by John Lee Dumas is a podcast that its great and never seems to run out that i listen too.
  3. Hi Michael, I thought I was the only one haha. Yes it is strange as its reliant on a job but I guess they need an asset as insurance if all goes wrong. I think your be alright with the rates for the short term and even if they do creep up to 6% just have the cash reserves ready incase.10-15% in cash of total dept is ideally what I'll be putting aside. You can always sink more into the flat to lower the LTV. I can't see how your would ever achieve a decent yeild for a 2 bed flat in Peckham. The highest rents yeild 4% gross at £2200 a month. I'd be worried if rates rose there lol It's grea
  4. Hi Michael, Manchester and Birmingham are a good shout. Hs2 phase 2 between Birmingham-Manchester isn't expected to be complete until 2033 with the possibility they might cancel if phase 1 London-Birmingham goes over budget. Also the northern power house concept benefits Manchester the most of the surrounding city's. Liverpool, Leeds and sheffeild have billions of investment being pumped in so I wouldn't over look them. I think the new builds poping up are a sign of improvements to come on the area. I view value the same as yourself. Going forward I think Yeild will be more important as inte
  5. Hi David, I agree with looking further afield, I've turned my attention towards Liverpool and Manchester and straight away there appears to be more value available compared to Essex. Lawrence
  6. Hi Michael, Glad to hear you've had an offer your happy with accepted. I think Gidea park has always and will continue to be one of the most desirable areas to live along that line. Totally agree anywhere that benefits from the crossrail has fierce competition, I'd say the opportunity for btl past 2/3 years ago. Abbey wood properly had the most potential as the travel times improved the most. Gidea Park should rent well so if your buying to hold over the long term and you have a strong stress test I don't think you have to worry. I hope it goes well for you! I was looking towards Southend o
  7. Thank you! I'm leaning more towards Essex, but within an hours commute of London. I feel my first property should be close to home, although I plan on being hands off. Once I've gained experience I'm more than happy to invest anywhere. However in recent weeks I've seen more London property's come onto the market, so It seems George's policy's are starting to take effect. I have a long term view in mind but somethings telling me to hold off to mid year. Do you have any insights on investing in Essex? Cheers Lawrence
  8. Hey everyone, I look forward to my first btl, hopefully before the end of March. It was great to attend the London southbank centre Thursday just gone. I'll definitely be going again in February. Most of all I can't wait to gain experience, to be able to contribute to the property hub and help other investors. Cheers Lawrence
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