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  1. I have followed the 2 Robs podcast for some time now and been a bit of a "lurker" here at the hub. I just wanted to know why Buy to Let Investors favour an Interest only mortgage rather than a repayment - I understand the cash flow angle - paying less out each month. But if the main aim of investment was capital growth wouldn't a repayment mortgage be better as it would mean you were growing your equity from day one?
  2. Okay on a related theme - having looked at Starling why should I open a Business account rather than a personal account ? Sorry if this is an obvious question!
  3. Thanks Adam - that’s really interesting as Starling was where I thought I might go. Glad it works for you. I will definitely check it out. regards Jacquie
  4. Thanks Adam - Have sent you a message 

  5. Thanks Derek. I thought that too - As I already have a separate account for my artwork and use quickbooks to manage those accounts is there any reason why I couldn't use that as my property account as well as no personal stuff goes through it?
  6. Took your advice Stuart and saved myself £4K THANK YOU
  7. Just starting out on my property journey in the Doncaster area and wondered if there were and networking groups etc in this area. Is there anybody out there? Jacquie
  8. I'm hoping to buy my first two properties in the next two months and want to start with the right approach. Should I have a separate bank account for rental income? I have a job but also have a business working as an artist for which I have a separate bank account and am registered with HMRC. Could I use this account for rental income too as I have to declare my earnings via Self Assessment anyway or should I run another account and keep the income and outgoings totally separate?
  9. Thank you Stuart, I had a feeling it was hefty and you just confirmed it. Will definitely shop around. Advice much appreciated.
  10. New to property and looking to buy 2 BTLs Have just started looking into mortgages and been quoted 3.29% on £90K loan (£120K purchase price) 15 year 2 Yr Fixed The fees are £1800 Lender, £150 Application fee, £1995 Broker fee £400 survey Mortgage monthly payment 251.77 I'm new to this but that seems very high for fees I'm totally on board with paying a fee rather than free service ( nothing free in this world etc) but is this steep? Thanks
  11. Derek you are a Superstar - that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing it - I really appreciate it. Regards. Jacquie
  12. Hi Everyone So excited to finally move away from the laptop and spreadsheets and actually start viewing properties this week. Does anyone have a checklist they use (and would be happy to share) when looking at suitable family Buy to lets? I know what I would look for if I was buying for my own home but as a rental property are there features I should specifically look for? - already thinking Garden and parking. I would be really grateful for any advice from those who have gone before! Many thanks in advance.
  13. Crickey! I'd be mortified if someone was to look in my oven!!! Joking aside this is really helpful - Thank you
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