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    For now bog standard cheap 2 up 2 downs. In 2/3/4 years time who knows. Buckingham Palace maybe?
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    Housing benefit expert. Able to ensure that a landlord can guarantee their rent in any situation.

    Skilled property manager.

    NFOPP Qualified Letting Agent
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    The goal investments wise is to own 160 properties by 2023 (when I will be turning 38).

    Asides from this I am looking to change the face of the industry via HOMEsure & it's sister companies, propelling ourselves into market leaders.
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    Watch & play both codes of rugby.
    Watch football & play badly but enthusiastically.
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  1. Other than the obvious fashion crime can anyone see a reason not to let a property in this condition? I had it in my head that there are restrictions surrounding wood cladding but cannot seem to find anything relating to a bedroom ceiling. Thoughts everyone? p.s. this is Silvio Orlando's bedroom.
  2. Hi Lee, We appear to be 6 weeks down the line on this one. Are you still having problems?
  3. This is going to sound daft but I can't remember. I had a conversation a few weeks ago where they were just increasing the numbers to either 10 or 20. I seem to think that it was 10 however, even if they do have a team of 20 working on it, that is still over 1650 applications to deal with per person! On the positive side they have just moved a lady, who we know is very good, from the HMO team to become the 'New Licensing Manager'. She has the unusual attribute of seeming to have a clue.
  4. To be honest Jane if you are going to switch then do so now, if not then stick with them for 5 years. If they are a reputable agent they will be registered with either NALS or ARLA. Both bodies offer a lot of extra protection to landlords. It is very likely that member agents of these bodies will receive a discounted £200 licensing fee BUT you will be stuck with them for 5 years (the license must go in their name). You can check out how they stack up here - http://www.allagents.co.uk/estate-agents/liverpool/
  5. Hi Jane, It is interesting that both yourself and Lee live in neighbouring boroughs and have not heard about the scheme until later in the day. Although fairly well advertised within Liverpool the question was raised in yesterday's meeting about reaching landlords living beyond the city. Long story short; 1. Licenses are non transferable. If a property is purchased and the license is in the name of the previous owner a new one must be purchased. 2. If you stick with the same agent and the license is in their name then you don't need a new one (but you are putting your faith in the
  6. The 33,035 properties stated on the council website are only at the registration stage. This is pretty much; Q1. Name of landlord & contact details. Q2. Address of property. The 750 paper forms received are the actual applications (as oppose to registrations). You also need to keep in mind the demographic of landlord who chooses to complete the paper version rather than waiting for the electronic one. This may also explain why 82% of them were filled in incorrectly. I think that rushed is the word rather than shambolic. They were dead set on meeting the 1st April deadline befo
  7. I had another meeting with the council yesterday. Quick update for you - http://www.homesureproperty.co.uk/liverpoollicensing
  8. Hi Ade. Long time no see. I have just e-mailed you the details of someone who might be able to help. Cheers, Mark
  9. How about using the original marketing advert as evidence?
  10. Long time no see. It's been a busy few months up here in HOMEsure Towers. I've been asked to give a talk in October at an event aimed at bringing together empty property owners, developers, landlords, investors and property agents with the intention of bringing empty properties back into use and reducing the number of empty homes in Liverpool. The event is being organised by Liverpool City Council and I can pick my topic as long as it is related to the above. It has been suggested that I cover something property management related but is there anything that, as investors, you would
  11. Sounds good Silv. I think you've already spoken to Nick on the phone so I'll bring him along as well. He is away next week but how about the week after?
  12. It may be tough finding a group but relatively straight forward to fill by the room. This makes good reading. On spare room there are 122 advertised rooms http://www.spareroom.mobi/flatshare/?search_id=183960687& BUT there are 129 people looking http://www.spareroom.mobi/flatmate/flatmates.pl?search_id=183960761& I will leave you to work that one out yourself.
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