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  1. Hi all, I am in the middle of buying a property with a sitting tenant. The information has come back regarding the tenant and it says- Please provide any details any rent arrears in the last three years. Response: this month because of lost job (only paid 50% of rent), but should be back to normal soon. Any ideas where this leaves me? Is the lender still likely to be willing to lend? Thanks in advance Paddy
  2. Thanks for your help Julia and Challis. I ended up asking my agent to sort it out. 780 GBP for the licence and 280 GBP for them to do it, if I had an emoji that was being sick I would use it! Paddy
  3. Hello, Please could someone help me with the following; I have just bought a 2 bed flat in Nottingham (Bestwood) and wondered if someone could tell me the best way to sign up to the landlord licensing scheme? I have found that there is a discount if you sign up to 'dash'. I wondered if anyone had found this a good a service? Or is it just a case of biting the bullet and paying the full amount? Thanks in advance. Paddy
  4. I have just seen this post and wondered what the outcome was? I am in exactly the same situation now. Thank you
  5. Hello- did anything come of this? I am in the process of buying a flat that has a 0.05% fee that has to be paid to the leaseholder in order to get permission to let the flat. Not sure what figure this is based on. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hello I am in the process of buying a flat and the leasehold pack has come back. In the lease it says that you have to get permission from the management company before subletting and that this fee was 0.05%. Any idea what the 0.05% fee would be based on? I also have heard that these fees now can be no more than 40 GBP, is this true? Here is the article I found: https://www.landlordzone.co.uk/information/case-law/sub-letting-fees-not-40 Thank you for any help Paddy
  7. Thanks both. I am a homeowner, the property will pass the stress tests and the property would be in Nottingham. I also have a net rental income of approx. 800 GBP per month. This all sounds promising for lending. Thank you for your help. Paddy
  8. Hello, I'm nearing the end of my employment contract and I was hoping to remortgage a property I bought in cash in 6 months time. I'm not sure whether I will have a job when the time comes. Is it possible to get a BTL mortgage when you have no monthly income from a job? I do have some rental income (approx £800 pcm after costs) from other properties but I'm not sure that counts? Thanks for any help Paddy
  9. Thanks both. With regard to the damp... it was an easish fix I just thought it would be quicker to move on (it wasn't!). Ex local- totally agree. Picky lender. Finally the extension... I've learnt a lesson here. I was told all along idemnity is fine, then the deeper I looked it wasn't and many lenders weren't keen. You're right... this is the property world. Paddy
  10. Hi Dennis, I have tried to buy three properties over the course of the last year and they have all fallen through. Obviously each time I have incurred abortive costs. Each property had unexpected issues- damp, building regs on a loft extension and ex local authority property. One way I thought I could avoid such abortive costs in the future was by using 'no win, no fee'. However if anybody has a good suggestion that is not 'no win no fee' I would like to know. Thank you Paddy www.thepropertystarter.com
  11. Hi Barry, I am an expat in Thailand. I have been through the mortgage process with two different lenders; Keystone and Foundation Home Loans. It was a long slog with both of them and they are both slow when it comes to paperwork, but you do get there in the end. Let me know if I can help you with anything else? I have used a couple of different lenders. One likes to meet you in person (based near Oxford) and one doesn't. Paddy www.theproepertystarter.com Facebook: propertystarter paddy@thepropertystarter.com
  12. Hello, Could anyone recommend a solicitor that offers no win no fee? I am looking to buy a freehold property with cash, and could do with a solicitor that can work quickly. Thank you Paddy www.thepropertystarter.com
  13. Hello, Hoping someone might be able to help me with the following. My partner (not business partner!) is lending me 25k in order to purchase a property in cash with my LTD company. I have 50k currently in the account and the property is worth 70k- so the LTD company would be a cash buyer. My intention is to remortgage in six months time and pay her back. What is the best way to do this? She has no ties to the business (not a director or shareholder). Thank you for any help. Paddy
  14. Hi there, I have written a book called 'Money lessons left at the school gate'. The book is written to help young people learn how to manage their money. I have been offered the chance to publish my book via Book Guild. They have offered me the following: Copy editing Front cover designing Printing of 300 books Formatting Marketing- shops, online etc They say the cost is about 5k of which I pay 40%. I was interested to hear people's view on this offer? And any opinions on BG as a publisher? I am also conscious that the book has not been proof read and I could do with another pair of eyes to read it and give me feedback- any suggestions for options? The other thing I am conscious of is the illustrating of the book. Any feedback would be appreciated. If you would like to have a read please let me know and I will send you a copy. Paddy
  15. Hello I have been trying to buy a property for the last 6 months and finally I am starting to make progress towards a completion date being set. I have just checked my mortgage offer and it says that the survey will expire after 6 months (which is next week). Any ideas what I can do? Thank you Paddy