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  1. hi guys, Apologies as sligtly off topic but I have a St. Helens HMO for sale if interested Mark
  2. hi both - I have a HMO for sale in St. Helens if interested (apologies as slightly off topic): rgds Mark
  3. Hi Joe sorry off topic but have an HMO for sale in St. Helens if interested; cheers M
  4. ok thanks Michael for the response - much appreciated. I will follow your advice and go the belt and braces route. Re my neighbor - now I think about it more, he only renovated the inside and put a few skylights in, with no real exterior impact, so planning not required - but also since he is older and not intending to ever sell I don't think he is concerned about eventual re-sale value. thanks again Michael - will approach freeholder then and see what I can negotiate cheers M
  5. hi Roxanne,


    I just moved to Richmond and wondered if any plans for a meet up in Feb or March?


    Hope to meet you soon!


    best wishes,

    1. Mark Little

      Mark Little

      @Roxane - apologies for name typo!!

  6. hi All, I'm looking for advice with regards to my 2 bed flat in London that I am currently living in, as have heard conflicting points of view. The flat is in an old Victorian block, and there is shared access to the loft. In reality no one else has access to it other than myself via my flat. The loft is quite large and I would like to covert it into a third bedroom and add a balcony and small outside space. I consulted my conveyancing solicitor and he advised I would need to purchase the loft from free holder before converting. However, my next door neighbour has already done his and told me he simply applied to do it via the land registry (?!) and insists not necessary to buy the loft. Does anyone have any knowledge on this area and can shed some light? One particular concern is; if I don't buy the loft from freeholder and then renovate, is there then a risk I will not realise the added value of the loft conversion when I come to sell on the flat further down the line? Many thanks in advance everyone. Mark
  7. hi Nirmal I house professional tenants and students (with them as rare exception). It took me some months to get the place fully rented since 2 prospective tentants pulled out last minute. I think there is reasonable demand but not amazing - if look on spare room.co.uk there are also quite a few other HMOs in the area. Typcial rents are 80-70 per week depending on room size. I do 6 month contracts as min wouldn't accept anything less as like you say the terms would be too short. shout if any more queries M
  8. hi Phyl, I've been out here for 4 years and returning end of this month actually. I'd say its entirely possible to invest in UK and build your portfolio. I bought a house in St. Helens and renovated recently, now fully tenanted as HMO. For me the most important thing was to find a sourcer / partner you can really trust. There must be a bunch of UK ex pats in HK already doing the same - maybe start a meetup group there. If want to know more ask away... cheers M
  9. hi Simon, I'm in a similar position to Lewis. Just left a message on your website, let me know if doesn't come through for whatever reason. cheers M
  10. thanks Francesco - hadn't thought of that and will look into it. But since negotiated estate agent down to 150GBP per new tenants, and got a private cleaner of gumtree for 7pounds and hour - much better!
  11. Hi everyone. My first topic posted here - so hoping I get some responses! As a brief introduction to myself, I am currently living in China - and have a few BTLs in the UK with mixed success. Recently I decided to give HMOs a go and bought a small run down terraced house in St. Helens. It is currently being renovated with full fit and will be ready to let end of August. My next challenge of course is getting the place rented, and since I'm living abroad and full time employed - need full management. But the costs I received from local estate agent are very high and significantly eat into monthly profit. They had a few options, but basically; 1. 250 pounds / month for each new tenant 2. +8% commission of rent 3. +200 pounds a month for cleaning The 8% commission is fair enough, but 250 for each new tenant will soon add up, lets say 6 new tenants per year and that's 1500pounds Also, 200 pounds a month for cleaning of communal areas seems like a lot for small kitchen, bathroom and living area. Would be grateful if anyone with HMO experience can tell me if these costs look ok - and if any advice for negotiating downwards? Also if anyone knows of any local people that might be able to help would be very grateful. Cheers! Mark
  12. hi Garry I am ex-pat living in China with a few BTLs, have recently set up limited company and as such have a new accountant - Danbro Ltd. So far so good, with online system (QuickBooks) that links automatically to your bank account. Re mortgage advisors - I'm also currently looking for ex-pat mortgage so hope someone posts below... cheers M
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