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    Hi myself Duke Martin FroM Edinburgh UK. I am joining this forum to know about the hot properties in UK.

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  1. Try Umega Edinburgh Estate agents, I used them to buy my house in Bruntsfield and they showed me a great number of properties before I finalized. I quite like the way they work as they took care of everything and all I had to do was to be present to provide my signatures.
  2. Hi, I have also been facing the trust issues but i tried one of the professional estate agency , and i think it was worth trying , Umega estate Agents are the best i have found till now , they are situated in Edinburgh and are very professional and well versed in their field, I always suggest people who asks for the guidance or if they want to buy, sell, rent the house:) I also recently bought a house from them, and got the best in my budget
  3. Hi Barry, You are absolutely right, nobody will look after the interests of your property better than you, but I also think that real estate agents can buy you the best property in your budget which you can never find yourself, yes they do take commission, but they also provide you with their best services and also with the better house in great areas where the price of the property will increase in near future, will eventually benefit you. That's why I have seen many people using the services, and I don't think that one bad experience should change the way you perceive things
  4. Generally, all the maintenance and upkeeping fees are the landlord's responsibility but I have seen some contracts where a certain percentage of the upkeeping is already charged in the rent. I do not think all properties are eligible for this and only a proper estate agent will be able to tell whether you can charge it in your recurring rent or not. You can consult with Umega real Estate Agents in Scotland, they are pretty acclaimed and highly professional. I used them to buy my house in Edinburgh.
  5. I think with some formalities you can get the mortgage but I will suggest you contact an experienced estate agent like Umega who can help you with this and answer your all questions.
  6. In my opinion, you should invest in a property in your own city where you can easily check on both the property and the tenant. Buying in some other city just because the property value is cheaper there is not a good enough reason. No doubt it is a little expensive to buy a property in Edinburgh but you will not be spending money on traveling to visit your house. Also, when you purchase a property at a higher value, its market value increases proportionally. So let's say you purchase a cheaper property in some other city, over a period of time, it will only appreciate as per the area value. Do consider all the overheads before coming to a conclusion. And if you end up deciding to buy in Edinburgh, get in touch with some great estate agencies such as the Umega estate agency, etc., and consult them for which areas will be the best for buy to let and also list your property for rent with them as such agencies offer greater values to landlords.
  7. There are many real estate agent you can find at internet to buy property in the UK. But getting a professional and trustworthy estate agents is not that essay. Last year i was also found difficult to buy house in Edinburgh but one of my code friends suggest me Umega , an experienced estate agent in Edinburgh, they help me a lot to find the best property for me to buy at my budget. I am very happy with their work and services, I would suggest you to contact them, i believe they can help you finding a new home.
  8. If you are looking for an agency in Edinburgh Scotland to help you to buy, sell or invest in property, you can contact Umega professional estate agents in Edinburgh. They provide great services to customers and they have years of experience to help people with their home buying, selling and investment property needs. Their team members are professional and friendly who aim to help you make a successful deal.
  9. According to the agreement you have signed with your landlord, you are obligated to follow their rules. Most of the time, this means providing one month's notice or paying rent through the date specified in the agreement. If you have any questions about this, it is best to contact a professional real estate agent like Umega. They should be able to not only get you out of this place but will also help you find a new place whatever the notice period may be.
  10. If you're having difficulty finding affordable accommodation that meets your needs, consider enlisting the help of a professional estate agent. Umega is a reputable estate agent in Edinburgh that can help you find deals on accommodation within your budget.
  11. You can try Umega Estate agents from Edinburgh. I find them quite expert and experienced to any brokerage firm I have ever used.
  12. Definitely, you can not go through the "first-time buyers" route. That is no longer applicable. And buying a new property can be a daunting task. It's important to do your research before you buy, or you can take help from professional real estate agents to get all the details. Try some good agents like Umega estate agents who will not only help you with your queries but also will suggest you the best course forward.
  13. This is a very good question, and I wish I had the answer you want. I will suggest to you visit a real estate agent to get the full information about your questions. One of my friends was also in confusion before investing in property and he contacted UMEGA, one of the best Edinburgh estate agent to get advice and full information about the property. These guys are quite good and have a good grasp of the property market. I hope this will help you.
  14. In my opinion, you should talk to your relatives and friends or take professional advice from a real estate agent. There are many estate agents in the market you can take advice from like Umega estate agents, Murray & Currie Property and Coulters etc.
  15. I want to rent my house( 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and garden) to get some income. I recently moved out to my second house in London so I want to rent my this house to get some extra source of income. So please suggest to me the best real estate agents in Edinburgh.
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