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    Hi myself Duke Martin FroM Edinburgh UK. I am joining this forum to know about the hot properties in UK.

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  1. This is a very good question, and I wish I had the answer you want. I will suggest to you visit a real estate agent to get the full information about your questions. One of my friends was also in confusion before investing in property and he contacted UMEGA, one of the best Edinburgh estate agent to get advice and full information about the property. These guys are quite good and have a good grasp of the property market. I hope this will help you.
  2. In my opinion, you should talk to your relatives and friends or take professional advice from a real estate agent. There are many estate agents in the market you can take advice from like Umega estate agents, Murray & Currie Property and Coulters etc.
  3. I want to rent my house( 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and garden) to get some income. I recently moved out to my second house in London so I want to rent my this house to get some extra source of income. So please suggest to me the best real estate agents in Edinburgh.
  4. Hi myself Duke Martin and i want suggestion on how to invest in real estate in Edinburgh. So please share your suggestions on this. Thanks!
  5. Experts believe house price inflation will slow down considerably in the remainder of 2022. But i think its not that easy because of the global situation right now.
  6. For a common man, it is really difficult to buy a home and property. So having a good and professional real estate agent is very helpful to get the best advice and find your dream home. So if someone wants to buy a home/property in the Edinburgh United Kingdom they can contact Umega Estate Agents.
  7. May be house rate in the UK is falling this year but Edinburgh has enticing place to live with people paying 108.9% over home report value, a raise of 3.9 annually.
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