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  1. Hi I work full time (computing industry) and have been fortunate enough to save a sizeable amount which I'd like to invest in property. I have considered BTL but the average yield where I live in the East of England isn't fantastic. I've viewed multiple properties and the average purchase price for a 3 bed family home seems to be around £300k. Smaller terraced house prices around £200k would offer better yields but these tend to be in not so nice areas and I'm left wondering whether the bigger family homes in the nicer areas would be the better long term buy? Another option is to purchase holiday lets as there's several very popular vacation hotspots close by. I've viewed several of these and although being substantially more expensive (£500k for a 2/3 bed cottage) these tend to generate a yearly net rental of around £30k after management/cleaning fees etc are deducted. I've created a limited company in preparation for buying a property. I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts. Cheers
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