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  1. I have been using my present letting agent in London for 8 years. They have now asked me to provide them with my verified passport details, proof of ownership (land registry) and proof of my home address. I use other letting agents for properties outside London and have not been asked for these details. Has anyone had a similar experience? I would welcome your thoughts as to whether you consider this request reasonable, and if you would readily provide these details if you had been asked for them. Many thanks
  2. Hi, I became an accidental property investor when I stumbled upon how much my London property was worth just 3 years ago. I decided to downsize and purchase a buy to let (SE London), mainly to use the rental income as an opportunity to finance my 'living' and work less. However, I don't think I am making the most of single occupancy rental and I want to learn more about what other options may help me achieve my goals. I've only just found this site and already learnt so much from your HMO podcast. As well as learning I want to gain the confidence to 'do', and I especially would love to hear from regular people who have taken the plunge and are doing it for themselves ! Ciao