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  1. I need to organise buildings insurance for a first time buyer residential mortgage. There's also a few indemnity issues to take into consideration too. I'd be grateful if someone could point me towards any impartial advice on this topic. Thanks Tom
  2. Hi Property Hub, I had a look on the site when it launched and am looking forward to joining the community now it's full steam ahead. I'm at the start of my property journey and I own one property in Newcastle and have bought one off plan from RMP (anyone heard of them? ;-). My goal is to buy two more properties by the end of the year in the North east with my 2 brothers as JV partners. Despite Rob and Rob saying "never invest in the north east" we're doing well on our first property and are confident about taking small steps. Ideally I'd like to meet people with experience in
  3. Hi PH, Glad to see the community growing here. I've got the most basic newbie question and i'm a bit embarrassed about it.. So I've found my first property that I'm interested in that I think meets my criteria, but what do I actually do now. Does anyone have a link to a step by step process of the stages of going from now to purchase out lining when I have to part with cash etc? Thanks, Tom
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to invest in the Woolwich area and was hoping to find anyone with experience or insight into the area. And good luck Rob and Rob, Tom
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