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  1. I would enquire as to whether another firm is taking on their business as your file may get transferred to the other firm. If you are still worried about the position of fees having been paid in advance and services not provided, raise the position with them. If you still don’t get any joy, maybe speak to you the law society, but hopefully you can resolve with the lawfirm you are dealing with
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-58179252
  3. I know friends who have lived in flats beside railway lines. From their experience it's manageable in a cold climate (as you genuinely tune it out), but in London you need windows open for ventilation 2 months of the year, and that might be more of an issue. Does the bedroom face the railway or is it only the living room?If the bedroom is not in the direction of the railway track that might help. Also, is there scope for goods trains to use the line, say, from very early in the morning? Finally, if you are thinking of letting out, maybe one to check with a local lettings agent to get their views on rentability?
  4. Hello, Thanks for posting on TRANSMISSION HOUSE. I am an owner there too and was taken aback by the increase in service charges recently announced, which are significantly above the levels originally calculated. I have sent you a PM and it would be good to connect with other owners to exchange views. Best wishes
  5. It would be quite normal for the snagging to be done after completion and following taking possession of the property. Usually the person doing the snagging report would contact the developer in order to get the items identified in the snagging report addressed. Is this not something Property Hub can do on your behalf? Normally there is a time limit within which snagging items must be reported, so it is worth checking what applies with the particular developer..
  6. Any more details you share ? Area, property type ?
  7. https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/09/25/over-1bn-worth-of-manchester-schemes-get-green-light/
  8. I would imagine that the loan agreement starts off being in the form of a standard loan agreement recording the loan and the payment obligations of the borrower. But then the guarantor is brought in as a third party to the agreement, guaranteeing the payment obligations of the borrower, whatever those payment obligations are. Given the importance of getting this right and the guarantee element, sounds very much one for a lawyer to be engaged to get right.
  9. Hi, I think that any salary paid would be an operating expense of the business, rather than coming back from the directors loan account. As to the company paying you a salary and that money then being lent straight back to the company as additional loan, I guess on the face of it this could be done, but I’m not sure what HMRC would think of it. The company would get tax relief on the salary paid presumably, and if this is then simply being recirculated back to the company from you as a loan and then HMRC might “look through” the transaction as being connected and not accept it accordingly, So one for discussion with the accountants. If you are getting into the realms of paying salary, you probably want to be speaking to your accountant about operating a payroll any event.
  10. Best to take professional advice relating to your own circumstances
  11. A debenture would only be required where there was a desire to have security over the companies assets – otherwise it would not be necessary. A simple loan agreement between you and the company should be sufficient. Also, if the company had granted you security, this could potentially Affect your ability to get finance from mortgage lenders as there would be the complication of having a ranking agreement to make their security rank ahead of yours. I dont think that you can take £5000 dividend tax-free if the company has no declared profit. If there was no declared profit and dividends were not available, you could still get repayment of loans tax-free under the simple loan agreement. Interest on loans would be taxable in your hands when received, but the company may be able to get tax relief on the interest it pays. Some directors set up their companies so that they can get salary up to the income tax and NI thresholds (so the no tax and NI is paid) with dividends paid after that.
  12. JLL has seen a “spike” in demand for demand for apartments in Manchester with a 117% increase in people moving there in July 2019, compared to the same period last year : https://aboutmanchester.co.uk/60495-2/ Interesting to see Manchester still has momentum despite the Brexit woes, with a demand focus in the city centre.
  13. But does this also mean that the developer has the right to pull out if the long stop date is passed? Another factor will be how well house prices have done over the build period to date. If they have increased significantly since the original price was negotiated on the contract being signed, this could be a reason to go ahead with the contract variation and carry on with the deal. Of course, the opposite would be true if prices have not done as expected and you wished to pull out of the deal
  14. Useful comparison from Zoopla for those looking to buy in Scotland: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/discover/buying/5-differences-between-scottish-and-english-conveyancing-systems/?utm_source=content&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=zoopla-20190522&utm_content=hero&utm_term=cta&responsys_campaign_id=zoopla.41997502&responsys_riid=599745562&responsys_launch_id=47384002&fbclid=IwAR3KR3-suGbpPIwydU4fexiGPLsf5CAbE-Mtl3PIyQiXNONk9yiza5-Rsz0#CcTkjPOQZ5qv4Twm.97
  15. Prices seem to be picking up again in Manchester, at least according to the latest Hometrack cities index - up 1.4% in the last 3 months and 0.4% in the last month. As an aside, a fascinating comment in this article :In 2018, there was more being built in Manchester than there was in Chicago or Los Angeles, according to Deloitte : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2019/04/28/does-manchester-have-takes-surpass-london-uks-tech-hub/
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