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  1. I've been thinking about putting this list together for a while and seeing another member request it gave me the push I needed. Below is each resource featured on the podcast beginning with episode 1. Go to the corresponding episode number show notes for more info. I'll keep the list updated as new episodes are released. The Richest Man in Babylon Property Bee Evernote Meaningful Money Podcast by Pete Matthew Rapportive Dropbox Trello Property Investment for Beginners - Rob Dix Check My File 30/30 Flipboard/Trap
  2. Hi, I'm Ben from Newcastle, a newbie to property investment but thanks to Rob & Rob I feel like I'm 'getting there'. I've only been a 'working professional' for just over year and I'm hoping to utilise property to ensure I'm not stuck in the rat race for the next 50 years. As I'm just getting started, my job is fairly low paying, therefore I'm to attempting to raise some of the funds to get started through saving what I can, a few business ideas (struggling at the moment) and by writing a book (inspired by Rob D, although it's not about property). I'm about half way through writin
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