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    Me and my partner will be starting our property journey early next year. Although I have been landlord for a short period in the past, and my partner being Technical Architect we are excited about doing this and have been inspired by Rob Dix. So keen to meet other people in the sector, learn and share experiences. Very exciting journey ahead.
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  1. Hi All, my my partner and I are new to the property world. From February we are looking to buy our first property together and start our property journey from there. I looking for advice on best way to go about getting this next property. i already own a property solely in my name but my partner will be a first time buyer. Now we are looking for a place we can refurb and fix up as she has the skills to do this, and likes to do this. She is a technical architect professionally and keen eye for interior design. we will live in the next property, do it up and s
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