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    Damian P got a reaction from Kylelockhart in Leeds Area Review - 22/04/2021   
    Hi Frank,
    it looks like you've done some great research there!
    Whilst I don't think you need to do more research you could consider using market growth data, that looks at recent sales, such as:
    1.  https://landregistry.data.gov.uk/app/ppd
    2.  https://www.zoopla.co.uk/house-prices/ls1/
    3.  https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/ls1.html?country=england&referrer=landingPage&searchLocation=LS1
    However, in terms of fundamentals - as favoured by Rob & Rob - what are public transport links like?  For example, I know only some of those postcodes will include a train station.  But - no doubt - one of the projects the new Mayor of West Yorkshire will want to quickly progress is the much talked about Leeds tram system.  So, if you are looking to hold and seeking strong capital growth you may want to target likely tram locations.  
    All the best,
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    Damian P reacted to frankroberts in Leeds Area Review - 22/04/2021   
    Good evening @damian p, thanks for the feedback. Yes transport links, especially the railway, are somewhat critical in my opinion. I’m looking for a reasonable balance between the two.  Although I fully recognise the importance of capital growth, I want to build a portfolio quickly, relatively speaking, which relies on a high cash flow. 
    Looking at the tram route, I see no reason to achieve both by, as you say, selecting a property near the proposed tram line in an area which is struggling. I will bear it in mind!
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    Damian P reacted to frankroberts in Leeds Area Review - 22/04/2021   
    Morning All,
    Over the past few weeks I've been touching base with different members of the property hub as well as doing plenty of research on my favoured UK cities and I think it would help me, and potentially other new investors, if I shared a first draft of my Leeds postcode review spread sheet.
    Although basic, I've done this so that I can visualise the different postcodes in Leeds with key information in hand to build a picture of which areas I would like to invest in.
    The spreadsheet has been built on my key budget restriction of £120,000 (based on a few more months of deposit saving @ 75% LTV). I have then trawled Rightmove to consider what types of property are on the market/SSC in each postcode. I have then noted some key features within the areas and also unemployment rate. This, to me, has helped me visualise some promising areas that suit my requirements.
    As I am new to investing, it would be great to get some advise from the forum as to if there're any other aspects of the area's I should be considering? I think the next step for me would be to get out to the the favoured postcodes and start talking to estate agents. Do others agree?
    Since spreadsheet files are not compatible with the forum I have had to render the sheet which you may have to "save image as" to view. If this doesn't work then I can email the excel spreadsheet directly.
    Thanks everyone!
    *Disclaimer* - Other New investors - Although this sheet has been built based on a desktop study, the invest-ability of the postcodes shown are down to my interpretation of the information and opinion so please do your own research.

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    Damian P reacted to Mark Rocks in Post-lockdown ‘fever is set to propel prices even higher’   
    Ha, well this is just further proof that prices are going to keep rising!
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    Damian P got a reaction from Mark Rocks in Post-lockdown ‘fever is set to propel prices even higher’   
    Hi Mark,
    well the UK's most expensive apartment has gone on sale for £175 million after billionaire Nick Candy has put his Hyde Park penthouse on the market:
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