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  1. Hello, Does anybody have any reccomendations for a property accountant in Liverpool. Thanks in advance Shaun Cavanagh
  2. Mark/Wes, Thank you very much for your replies. Looking at and speaking to a number of sources I decided to open up a ltd company most of it based on the facts that you guys have given me above, being a higher rate taxpayer and expanding the folio to keep for a long time etc. Mark, Ive taken a look at the taxcafe and it seems a very good source of information, thank you. In regards to the stamp duty I meant by purchasing direct in the company I will pay the stamp duty once. If i bought the property in my name I would pay stamp duty and if sold to the company at a la
  3. Hello people, I'm looking for advice on whether I should open up a ltdc ompany. I have just had an offer accepted on a property which is why I am planning to open the Ltd company now so that I can purchase the property straight in to the company and avoid a double stamp duty by buying it in my own name, then selling it to the company once formed, which I believe the sale price must be at market value? My future plans are to expand my rental portfolio as much as possible aswell as possibly doing some flips. I also have one more property in my own name which I would like to put in the compa
  4. Sween, I am currently in the completion phase of buying my first Buy to let and having looked in to it the purchase has to be completed before the 1st of April, not just in the process. Shaun
  5. Thank you very much for the reply nick, Its much appreciated as a newbie to receive advice from somebody with more experience in the property game. Im glad to hear your thoughts on the interest only mortgage to settle the debate with myself on whether this is the best option. Thank you for the offer. I'm actually out of the Country now in the Caribbean with work. I won't be back until around the 20th of March but would be very interested in a chat when i am back. Was also hoping to get to one of the Property Hub meet ups! I managed to get the Solicitors to remove the cost for them completi
  6. Hello All, I am 24 years old and have owned my own house for 3 years now. I have decided to take the plunge into going into property and have just had an offer accepted on a property for Buy to let. I was wondering if anybody with more experience than me can give me advice on starting off building up a buy to let portfolio. My idea was to start off with an interest only mortgage so that i have minimal outgoings using profit from the rent to build up another deposit quicker and so on until i have 2 to 3 properties on the rental market and am more comfortable financially to increase my outgoin
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