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  1. Thanks all. @Eamon H that sounds interesting. I’m currently commuting from Nottingham atm so no real rush. June could work. Are you able to message me more details?
  2. Hi all, Slightly different question to usual. I live and invest in Nottingham however I’ve recently changed jobs and looking to relocate into Birmingham. I’ll be moving by myself so looking to live within the city centre in a 1/2 bedroom flat. I have little knowledge of the area so any advice on good/bad areas would be much appreciated. I’ve been looking at places within the Jewellery Quarter as I understand it’s currently going through a lot of generation and has access to the Tram network. I’m also quite interested in the development aro
  3. Hi, I'm looking at a new development in the Midlands at the heart of the city centre for BTL. A 2 bedroom apartment looks the most appealing however it doesn't have a parking space. The demographic of potential tenants would be professionals who I believe would prefer the option of parking. Underground parking on the development is available to purchase but for an additional £15,000k per space. The development contains 40 apartments with only 20 spaces available. 3 spaces are left. Looking at renting alternative parking in the immediate area, spa
  4. Hi Jimmy, I was also in a similar position to yourself and brought my first property at 23 without owning a home. Although a BTL mortgage is restricted for first time buyers there are still options available. I went through an online mortgage broker who was able to find a competitive mortgage rate with Godiva (BTL arm of Coventry Building Society). I also understand believe Barclays will consider first time buyers now. In regards to flipping, a mortgage isn't the correct lending product to finance such a deal. Mortgages are intended for long term lending so if you
  5. I'm in a similar position to yourself as I don't own a residential property (living with parents) but own a BTL as an investment. I brought a property in 2015 by borrowing 75% of the value from a private investor paying an agreed interest rate. I'm now looking to remortgage the property via a traditional lender however I'm having difficulty due to that same criteria of not owning a residential property. State Bank of India and HSBC both enforce this rule strictly. TSB was no use either as I'm under the age of 25. It seems ludicrous to me since I have v
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