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  1. Hi Nicholas Yes, those were the thoughts that we had re strategy and tax payer rate, thank you. Will keep crunching the numbers! Cheers
  2. Hi there! Just wanted to know whether we are missing something obvious!? Or if someone else is asking this same question? With BTL mortgage borrowing rates at 3.4% in a Limited Company, how is leveraging favourable inside a Ltd company? Compared to 1.4% rates on a personal BTL mortgage? Mortgage rates are significantly different (higher) for Ltd Companies so affects the ability to build a portfolio with basic leveraging? Any insight / thoughts / strategies / lender recommendations would be fabulous! Thank you
  3. Hi Thomas Thanks for your reply. Are there any immediate areas around Southampton that you might say would be popular for first time buyers / families / the sort of market for flips? And another question please Do you know Portsmouth very well? In terms of the same criteria. Many thanks Lucy
  4. Hi David Has anyone been able to shed some light on your recent queries? I have similar questions around the area. Many thanks Lucy
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