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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have experience of leveraging a second charge on their own residential home, with the view of releasing equity to invest, and also remain living in that property? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Due to remortgage and I'm thinking ahead. Have you obtained consent to let on your residential mortgage? Was it 1-year, or until the end of the fixed term? Situation: due to remortgage, but unsure how long will remain at current address due to work reasons. Looking to keep the property as it is in a good area. Would like to get consent-to-let before changing to buy-to-let. Question: who are best lenders for consent-to-let? which lenders offer 'until end of fix term' rather than just 12mo consent? Thanks.
  3. Hi, thanks for the tip. Had a quick look and site froze on valuation. Might try again later!
  4. Hi Richard, Many thanks for the interesting post. Absolutely. I have arrived at my own estimate, taking into account data you and Tim mention above, and it is much closer to the higher (Mouseprice) estimate, than Zoopla. Over the coming months, I expect to see what the market will say with other properties in the area sold or being sold (waiting for LR). Time will tell. In the end, clearly no one can predict human action (easily), hence the £185 achieved! Oh, and thanks for the tremendous offer! But no less than 20% BMW please ;-)
  5. Hi Tim, Thanks for your post and feedback! Agreed on the above, and as a top-line, quick look-see, this sort of data guides most novice investors (or first-time buyers). Despite not actively investing, when I play around with my LR databases, I filter out a lot of data, and input my own data columns with some of the information you mentioned above. My problem with streetview or gmaps is that they sometimes lag by as much as a few years. Have witnessed areas and commonly streets, that have had new owner-occupiers in recently 1-2 years replacing older generations, which transform the who
  6. "I will start a progress journal soon.."

  7. I was recently geeking around looking at property valuations/estimates. With the Land Registry typically lagging 2-3 months behind and difficult to get very recent comparables, I was reviewing 'Estimated values' on Zoopla and Mouseprice. I observed what seems quite a difference between the two, with greater property value estimates on Mouseprice in particular. Zoopla seems to post more conservative estimates. To give an example of the order of difference: 2 bed Zoopla: £320,000 Mouseprice: £365,000 This was across the board for several properties, in several locations across
  8. Hi Paul, thanks for reply. Yes agreed RE: cashflow and ROI. I am yet to invest but have run hypotheticals through my sheets. I feel it is nevertheless interesting to see what actual investors are generally happy with. I should have certainly included cashflow in my question!
  9. Hi all, A topic that has been discussed directly/indirectly over and again in forums, podcasts (!, well done R&R), and books (well done again R&R), I thought it would be interesting for those starting out including myself to set a reasonable baseline, and to gauge the current aggregate mood on two of members' most fundamental data points, yield and ROI. With the wide range of opinions, acknowledging the lack of a correct answer, and all things being equal which is not the case in property, what would you the investor, and the aspiring, prefer your gross yield, net yield, and RO
  10. Hi Harriet, I also live around London, but spent many years studying and living in Birmingham >2004. I think the area may be a wise choice although there have been plenty of investors in student areas there for years. Happy to help/provide opinion of various areas.
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