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  1. hi ! Could some advice me on the "marriage value" thing. I read the Government statement on this, but not sure if I got this right. They are prohibiting the marriage value part on short leases?? yes?? Mine has 64y left, and obviously this would be huge for me and many others in my situation. Would love some feedback. Thanks !!
  2. Hi dear Hubbers. Please, could you give me your thoughts on renewing a lease that has 65 years left. There has been a lot of talk about the Government looking to change the whole Leasehold system. Would I be better of just sitting tight and waiting, or go ahead and renew it now when I have the funds available? Also, everyone seems to have a different opinion on the costs. How can I find the best people working on my behalf to know I get the best result. I look forward on your thoughts. Thanks so much !!
  3. Hi ! I need some recommendations for an independent surveyor specialised in damp. I need some major works carried out in the garden to direct rain water away from the building wall and also have other smaller issues in regards to damp/mold. If anyone can recommend a (West) London based surveyor / damp specialist I would highly appreciate your help !! Cheers ! Kari
  4. Hi. I need some advise in how to go about renewing a 67y lease. The calculators give a VERY wide proce range for this, maybe you have aome pointers and/or good recommend a good solicitor
  5. Hi! We are currently UK residents, but trying to remortgage and move abroad. Can someone recommend a good broker or mortgage company, specializing in non UK residents/expats. Thanks !!
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