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    Initially under 100k properties in need of re-furbing.
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    None! Beginner with a couple of useful friends!
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    To grow the pot by buying and selling.
    Once I have a significant pot I might look into splitting the company between BTL and BTS properties creating a steady income along with the day to day refurbs.
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    Sport. Music.
  1. Hi Guys, fairly new to the site and property developing in general. I'm single, 27 and for the last 10 years I've had a good job and property has been a thing on the side for me. Unfortunately my salary has dropped significantly and I want to put more importance on property and would love to work in the industry full time. I own 3 BTL properties and manage them myself. 6 months ago I setup a limited company of which I'm the sole shareholder and have just finished my 1st refurb. Bought at 50k, 15k work and sold at 80k which I was delighted with. I've really enjoyed it and have learned so much
  2. HI folks, I'm due to complete on a house on Wednesday 23rd March (2 days) I am buying it through a limited company which I am director. The property is unoccupied and will be while I refurb it over the next few months before I hope to sell it on. Can anyone advise me what type of insurance I need and recommend a company or comparison site to use? Are there any complications doing it this way as opposed to your own residence? Many thanks, Andy
  3. Hi there, fairly new to property investment and recently joined property hub. I have 3 properties of my own but have recently setup a limited company to start working without the personal liability and to take advantage of all that a company gives you. Atm, I am waiting to complete on a 50k 2 bed semi in chorley. Cash buying. The intention is to do it up and sell again as soon as pos. 3 questions - Do mortgage lenders make it difficult for a prospective buyer if the property was already bought in the last 6 months? - The property is a terraced house but the only alternative access to the ba
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