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    Lots of enthusiasm and drive to achieve goals that are set. I'm also very handy and can adapt my skill set to build/refurbish the majority of tasks.
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    To achieve a portfolio of 10 properties by the time I'm 30, then invest my profits into a business dream.
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    Hikings, camping and fitness!

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  1. Hi Folks, Part of my strategy is to flip several propertied to build up the funds to later buy to let. Can anyone recommend me a few good books that take you through the process of flipping so I can compare methods and take on board a range of advice please? Many Thanks, Brian.
  2. Hi Johan! Welcome to the forum I can't help you myself as I also am a novice, however what I do know is that one of the Rob's company RMP Property provides exactly the service you are after, from what I can gather. Check them out at rmpproperty.com It's certainly something I'm going to look into when I get started! (I hope I'm correct with all that aha) Best of luck! Brian.
  3. Looks like there is some activity coming to the forum from the birmingham area again, I'm hoping to get a meet running soon!
  4. Hi Folks, So for those of you who are keeping up with me, you'll know I'm searching all ways of building up my capital to start my own portfolio, so here's my next potential scheme, that I'd like your advice on please! So me and my partner are looking at getting our first home in the next 8 months, looking to get settled and secure before investing. The original plan was to find a nice house that's ready to live in, however! Now I'm learning more and more about property, my thoughts are as follows; could we, buy a BMV home, refurbish it, settle in for a year maybe two then address any furth
  5. Very interesting, The midlands in general doesn't seem to have much activity on here which I also find interesting, I'm based in the west midlands and need to get to some local meets! Brian.
  6. Thanks Scott! I'm am really looking forward to the future now I know I have a steady road of education ahead of me! Would it be fair to ask for a small return of the profits, I will still be learning, however I know my mentor is very hands on when it comes to refurbishing. I am also very handy so I'll be putting in as many hours as I can to help, if they will accept this offer its going to be fantastic for me to grow my capital, they won't be loosing out as theoretically speaking, with my capital a larger project will be undertaken so their return will still be as much as what they are used
  7. Hi again guys! So I have luckily found myself a mentor to help me gain more experience on property, which I'm really excited about! I'm still learning lots from the podcast and reading book after book, however I am eager to start to get some hands on experience. My now mentor flips property and has agreed to bring me along for the ride, taking me to auctions and letting me see how it all happens. My plan is to go with this for a while and learn as much as I can along the way. I have this idea which I don't know if it is viable or not so here goes. For those of you who have read my ot
  8. Hi Richard, Thanks for being honest about my pot being small it helped me to put my own thoughts into perspective. Ideally I want to flip property for a while to earn more capital to later on buy to let. I think finding a partner is going to be a good option for me as flipping a house on just 20k seems next to impossible. You're right about the blood, sweat and tears aha, we will be mentally ready for the challenge soon but just not financially Do you have any advice on hard money lending? I've seen that as an option but don't know if it's worth considering? Thanks, Brian.
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply Tim! Basically I want to work my way to property being my full time job, In the future I want to be letting out several properties, however I need to figure out the best way to start and how to build up my capital. So I'm after ideas of the best thing to do with my 20k, is starting small and finding a cheap enough property to refurbish and sell on the best way? or is there another option? As finding a property cheap enough to cover all the costs and refurbishment all for 20k is going to be very difficult from what I can see. Any advance please? Thanks,
  10. Hi Folks, 20k isn't a lot I know, Me and my partner have been saving for a long time, we'll have more in a few years. What would you do with this money if it's all you had? How can I build my capital in the quickest way? Thanks Guys! Brian.
  11. Those figures were just rough to be honest, the main thing I wanted to know was the best way of making that 20k into 100k in the quickest way, using property. So are you saying you basically, borrowed money of someone else, did the refurbishing for them, then split the profits? Thanks for the advance by the way! I'll look into the mortgages, I didn't know they existed!
  12. Hi Krish, thanks for the advice, Those were just rough numbers to be honest, the idea is that I just want to make my capital grow as quickly as possible and couldn't find a way of being able to flip with not a lot of money. I'm more than happy to start small and build up so thank you for pointing out that there are mortgages for refurbishing I'll get reading! So what was it that you did exactly? I'm all ears for ideas at the moment! Thanks, Brian.
  13. Hi Folks, I’m after a bit of advice here regarding getting started in property investment. So I’m still currently learning as much as I possibly can about real estate so sorry if I come across like a novice as I pretty much am, I have my future set on being a long term investor it’s what I’ve always had an ambition for, and now’s the time to start! Now I’m pretty young in the scale of things at 22, me and my partner are close to getting a mortgage on our first home. Once we are settled we want to start work on investing. We will have a total of roughly 20k saved dedicated for inves
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