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  1. Hi all, I bought off-plan a few years ago - the developer ran into financial difficulties but (mercifully) got it over the line. However, we were left out of pocket for several things, including furniture packs that never arrived (~£3k), snagging, advance rent etc. The developer has since gone into administration, with their major asset being the freehold. We don't expect to see any of the money back that we're owed. However, the freeholder (through their appointed company) continues to insist the ground rent is due, despite what we're owed. I'm extremely reluctant to pay money
  2. I recently committed to buying a one-bed flat in Bradford in a redeveloped building, off-plan. As part of the mortgage application, a survey was done by the bank's valuers, which stated: Basically, they won't lend because they don't think the flat would sell easily on the open market if I default on the mortgage. This is actually a fairly reasonable observation - the flat is in an area of Bradford dominated by investment-type properties (BD1). However, I didn't think this would be an issue - I thought that was a problem normally restricted to the student-pod type investme
  3. Thank you both for your replies. It's a slightly unusual setup: the flat is a mezzanine set-up and the mould has begun appearing in the extremities of the high-ceiling section. The windows have trickle vents, although the windows themselves are large and quite high up (it's a converted old school building). Therefore it's a bit of a pain to open and close all the time. The kitchen is part of the main living area, whilst the bathroom has no issues. In the end I went ahead with the extract fan in the corner of the large room, as well has having the mouldy areas scrubbed and repainted. I
  4. Hi everyone, newbie here. My tenant has recently reported signs of damp and patches of black mould. It's not too bad yet, and seems to just be due to poor building ventilation. I've been quoted £810 (including VAT) to have the mould patches treated with NVirol mould treatment system (basically just a specialised set of cleaning/repatching stuff) and have a continuous running extract fan installed. This seems a bit steep - having found the cost of the materials on the web, they total about $250, so it's about £550 for labour. Am I being ripped off? I'm also dubious about whether
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