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    I'm hoping to focus on Birmingham, and am interested in LHA/HALS though am still learning about it for now.

    Wolverhampon and Walsall particularly appeal to me because I know them a little.
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    Trained Actress. Lordy, this is not relevant, but it's all I have.
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    To get a net income of £20,000 p.a from property within fifteen years.
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    Dress making (do you need curtains?!) Baking, hill walking, documentary making.

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  1. LOL, thanks so much Jessica, I had no idea that was an option, it's great to know that. I'm not in a position to do viewings on my own yet (because my job takes me out of the UK for a lot of the year) but I'd love to do so in the future so that's immensely useful. Thanks. Onward with the grandiose dreams
  2. Thanks so much Nick; I'll be more aware of where agents advertise in future - I just never dreamed that anyone wouldn't be using the portals....
  3. Thanks so much for your reply, Chappers! You're right; the property ended up vacant for 2 months while the agent tried to market it without Rightmove. I eventually got up the courage to change agents (I felt really disloyal for abandoning the original one, which held things up rather) and with an agent who advertises on Rightmove/Zoopla/everywhere else, it was let in four days. Which is quite the relief. So what I've learned from this, and I hope it maybe helps others, is that it can be massively costly to use an agent who isn't a member of the portals. Which is probably pretty obv
  4. Hmmm, I don't know how I've managed to be a landlord for over a decade without coming across this before, but.... For the first time, I have a flat that's been vacant for a month, and no one's expressed an interest in moving in yet. The agent hasn't had many enquiries, and I got a bit worried. Obviously, a month isn't very long, but I went to look at the flat (which I've not been in since I purchased it a year ago) and all looks good. I went onto Rightmove and looked at comparable properties to see if there was anything I could resolve that'd help the flat's appeal an
  5. Congratulations with the purchase! Looking forward to reading some more of your entertaining posts in 2017.


    Have a nice Christmas and New Year. 


    With kind regards,


  6. Sorry for the long gap between my last post and this one. It turns out that this is because the gap between choosing a property, instructing a solicitor and actually taking ownership is quite, um… long. So let me fill you in. First, everything went quiet. Then I got a bunch of papers from my solicitor, who had most of what they needed from me already, since my original sale had fallen through. I got some papers signed, sent them back, and then there was a big long pause. It lasted several months. Every so often I checked in with the solicitors, who sa
  7. Thanks Emma, Thanks Richard, Thanks Scott! You've motivated me to do an update, and it's much appreciated So, this is what happened next. It’s long, I got excited…. Feeling actually really relieved not to be taking on the house with multiple large issues to resolve when I’m so new to the whole thing, I thought I'd go back to viewing properties. However, a quick look on Zoopla reminded me that a flat I'd already viewed was still for sale. For some reason, the agent selling this particular property hadn't listed it on Rightmove at all, and it didn't come up on Zoopla searches either,
  8. Thanks Fiona - I started to compose a reply to you, and then all changed with my purchase so shall update momentarily... Hi Carol, Very best of luck to you - it's exciting isn't it? But also it feels pretty high stakes to me; I don't mind if my first investment is only mediocre, but I don't want it to be awful. I do hope you find something super and shall look forward to reading about it. Here is my update. I'm not unduly downhearted by this so please don't read it as a bid for sympathy. Urgh, so I've had to withdraw my offer for the happy little Victorian terrace with fruit tr
  9. Good heavens! thank you Fiona, I got a notification that you'd posted, and discovered posts from Damien Fogg and D Carter that I'd missed. So sorry everyone, I didn't mean to ignore your very kind advice. D Carter, that's incredibly helpful, thank you. That all makes so much sense now. And Damien, I didn't even know that building surveyors existed. Which is shameful, because I just found out that one of my friends does this for a living and I'd just never listened properly when he talked about work. God. Thank you! Now that I know that, I will hire them! Brilliant. Updating the
  10. Thanks Natasha, that seems like a really balanced and un-panicked response and it's made me feel a little less panicky myself. So many thanks. I'm forging ahead with my own purchase of an investment property (in the West Midlands) and am not planning to reduce my offer (except if it turns out that the house needs lots of stuff done according to the survey). I'd rather sit and find out what's going to happen with another property in my portfolio than sit and wait without one. And I'd rather not potentially help develop a collective ''recession mindset' in all of us by reducing my offer b
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for your take on things, that's really helpful. I'm currently waiting for the results of a more in-depth, independent survey; whereupon I'll be able to get quotes for work. Actually if anyone knows whether 'the electrical installation needs attention' is a standard way for a surveyor to say 'I didn't look' or whether it means it actually needs attention, that would be incredibly helpful. I don't want to call out electricians to discover that the electrics are perfectly normal and there's no money in it for them.. Thank you! So things have ground to a halt.
  12. Thank you Paul! Onwards... So. Brexit happened. Not ideal in the middle of a purchase, but I'm going ahead without panicking or trying to renegotiate the price. Cos I think that'd be a way to help start a recession, possibly. And on the same day, my lender's surveyor's report arrived. I'm guessing that for a Victorian terrace, the list of things that need attention is not particularly freakish or alarming. It includes;- 'attention to plumbing installation' 'attention to electrical installation' 'chimney stack repair' 'gutter repair' 'inadequate sub floor ventilation' 'da
  13. That was useful! Thank you Silv, that's really going to help me in my search for contractors in the wake of my (scary) surveyor's report
  14. Hi George, Thank you! Well, my choice of Wolverhampton was a bit of a mixture of totally unscientific and relatively carefully researched. Firstly, it's my nearest city if I drive East, which is what I do a lot on my way to work. So with really limited opportunities to view property, it seemed like it'd make things a little simpler. I wanted to invest in a city, and from my experience of living in London, York and Birmingham, it's lovely (and valuable) to be near to the centre of things as a tenant. There's no way I could afford to buy in prime London, Manchester or Birmingham, s
  15. Thank you very much for your response, Damien; it seems very impressive to me to get a monthly return of £200+ on a repayment mortgage. I shall hope to get better at spotting those properties and negotiating hard in the future. So that was very helpful to me. In my story continued, my favourite of the estate agents I met (lovely, articulate and enthusiastic young lady who offered to stay behind after work to make sure that I could view a property she wanted me to see) telephoned me for feedback on one of the properties I'd viewed. I told her I wasn't interested in it, but that I'd liked
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