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  1. Hi fellow investors, I am based in south east just outside of London and have recently remortgaged a property in the east midlands, so I have some funds to invest with. Unfortunately this doesn't really stretch for anywhere within an hours drive of where I live. Do any fellow investors who are investing further a field have any areas where they've had some success and any tips on how to go about it without too many pitfalls? Thanks Jamie
  2. Hi Martin What gap do you feel needs bridging? I presume you've spoken to a good broker and have a sufficient deposit.Without the right finance in place you obviously wont be able to execute, and if you can demonstrate to EA's that you're serious when it comes to buying, for example showing a copy your DIP from your broker, you'll then be in better position to secure a good deal. Don't overthink things, I have been doing exactly that myself and I find if you keep it simple, ie. book viewings, talk to EA's, follow up by making offers (keeping in mind the fun
  3. Hi Vicky and everyone, Thanks for the responses and apologies for the delay in replying. The reason why I mentioned about using a residential mortgage is due to myself being a first time buyer and the source of part of the funds to be used for the deposit which would require a residential mortgage, hence why the tenants would most likely need to vacate. In the end I managed to get a viewing, some negotiation between the vendor and tenant did the trick. The area of the property isn't greatly appealing but I have put in a cheeky offer, so I will be
  4. Thanks for the responses. There is a good set of pictures available on the portal already, apart from the bathroom, the property looks to be good condition, but I'll ask the agent to see if they are willing to take some more. This will actually be my first property I buy in my name so I'm not sure what type of finance I'll be using yet. If I need to go ahead and buy with a residential mortgage and get started that way, with tenants already in the property this could cause problem further down the line?
  5. Hi Darren Yes looking at comparables the asking price is a some what below the average in the area. I've been advised it wouldn't be a good idea to knock on the door, I guess I'll just have to go with the numbers and do a lot of DD, and maybe even get more of a discount due to the situation. Many thanks Tristan
  6. Hi folks I've seen a property that's been on the market for a while and when inquiring with the agent they've said the current tenants won't permit any viewings. I think the property could be quite a deal but don't want to go forward obviously without viewing it. Anyone got any suggestions on how I can get round this dilemma? Many thanks Tristan
  7. Hi Mithril, I would start by speaking to a reputable mortgage adviser, as they will give you an idea of what lending is available based on both of your circumstances. You could look at having a deed of trust being drawn up, this will allow you to alter how the income is distributed for tax purposes. Lots of property tax advisers out there that will be able to help with this. Tristan
  8. Hi Richard Thanks for your detailed reply, that has helped a lot with my planning. I am looking to start building a steady portfolio for myself like my father and would be using the existing company to make purchases if I went down the limited route. I will start speaking with mortgage brokers to see what finance is available, if anyone has any they can recommend for limited companies that would be much appreciated! Thanks Tristan
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Tristan from Beds, looking to take the plunge and invest in a BTL finally. Up until now I've admittedly been a bit of lurker, absorbing as much content as I can from the Hub, a big thanks to the Rob's for the podcasts, they've been a great help! I was hoping if someone might be able to provide a bit of advice on the best way forward for me, I am a first time buyer, currently employed. My father has already established a steady portfolio, including several flats recently bought within a limited company which I am also a director of, his portfolio also consist of several pr
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