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  1. Thanks for the replies. Jane, the area near Barry Rd is a good location in my opinion as it's close to the centre but not too close (where it gets rough), it's near the lovely Abington park, and also walking distance to one of the best schools in the town in Northampton boys school.
  2. Hi all, This is likely going to be a really dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyway. I've done my research but I can't get a clear answer. As I understood, the changes with the tax relief will mean that by 2020 we won't be able to deduct any interest payments and therefore be paying more on tax. However, I've heard on a couple of podcasts that this won't affect basic rate taxpayers. Please can anyone confirm whether or not this is true? I'm confused as on the same show they said basic rate taxpayers will need to be wary as it can push them into the higher tax :S Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Just finished listening to the latest podacst about top regen areas (thanks for another great episode). As a new investor with limited finance to build portfolio, I'm particularly interested in high growth prospect areas where I can use the capital growth to buy more properties in the next couple of years. I'm aware of some of the cities mentioned in the podcast but have to admit it's very difficult to find the right area without being local. Therefore I'm considering buying close to home in Northampton, but am not sure how it rates as an investment area nowadays. I know a couple of years ago it was talked about as a bit of a hotspot and there have been rises in prices of around 25% in my estimation since 2014/2015. I just wonder whether it's too late to invest here now? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you rate Northampton as a property investment area.
  4. Would be really useful to get a copy of a spreadsheet like that. I'm unable to find something that i can really use
  5. I've been trying to find some as well, but without luck so far. Can anyone point me to a link?
  6. I'm looking to get into property investment and need to do research. The podcast is great, now i need more specific info. Interested to learn from other members here. Hopefully i can share my journey as i make my first investment
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