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  1. Hi all, Soon to become a first time buyer (I know that can be a hot topic in itself among seasoned investors), will also be looking to start up a portfolio about the same time. My brother is a damn good plasterer and that has led to both of us having a good basic knowledge of everything needed to take on a project mostly to ourselves. We began with the idea that refurbishing Buy-to-Sell properties would be an ideal side venture. After plugging in to many an episode of the property podcast at work I've managed to bring my brother round to the idea of recycling our deposit and b
  2. Hello, After working to develop a paediatric therapy service for the previous 5 years, I am looking to get into the residential development sector. I'm based in London and would be happy to take anyone who has an opening in their busy schedules to have a coffee (or I'll bring you a coffee on site if that's better). It would be great to chat about your general experience in refurbing residential projects. If there is any financial modelling I can help with, as I've spent the past 10 years on the finance side of small businesses, I would be more than happy to help. At my
  3. Hello, Would hugely appreciate any points for a beginner from anyone with experience or plans similar to mine. Currently looking at purchasing a property (hopefully) BMV in Middlesbrough, the property is a 2-bed semi-detached listed at offer over £37,000 but stated he expects £40,000 minimum (Poker face?) Situated in a rough area but an area where I grew up, so doesn’t put me off too much. The shell of the house is fine, the guttering and windows are fairly modern, it has a solid garage, running water. The seller stated a new boiler is required and the kitchen units nee
  4. Hi I have just brought my first property. It is a repossessed property based in Woolwich Arsenal (London). I'm researching reputable builders and plumbers. I understand one way of finding reputable builders and plumbers is via word of mouth. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can advice me where to look or can make recommendations. Thanks
  5. Hi All, Purchased a property which currently has 2 boilers (heating boiler and hot water boiler). Refurbishment works commence in the New Year with the aim to put the property back on the market in early Spring. I am in two minds whether to replace the two boilers with one single combi or leave both boilers (which are in working order) in situ. I've budgeted to install a complete new system, but need advice on whether I would likely get my money back when re-selling if I went down that route, or whether it would be better just to leave the system as it is bu
  6. Hi all, Can any of you recommend a property sourcing and refurb company that specialises in Birmingham? They can be one and the same or separate. I'm currently an expat, living and working in East Asia and am looking for an armchair investment in Birmingham. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone who regularly undertakes buy to sell property flips knows what insurances are required? If one was to hypothetically purchase a house through a limited company for the sole purpose of refurbishment and resale, is it necessary to take out specific site insurance? I gather basic home insurance isn't suitable and often cover is void during periods of refurbishment? I also understand that your contractors insurance wont cover you either? Any advise as to what cover is required and any recommended providers would be excellent! Many thank
  8. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone knows of any regulations for front door locks on a standard BTL flat? I am currently getting quotes for composite doors to replace an ageing wooden door. (FYI They seem to be averaging between £850-£1050 supplied and fitted) Apologies that I don't know the term for these types of locks so I will explain. The First lock type works so that when you close the door, you are then unable to move the outside handle and the door is 'locked' from the outside (much like a night latch). You would then need to lift the handle and lock the door with the key
  9. Hi everyone, I've just posted this story as a reply to Simon's post and thought actually, this is a good chance for me to say hi, introduce myself and tell you a little bit about where I am with property at the moment and my story so far..... I've spent the last couple of years researching, learning and getting ready to invest and when we came in to some inheritance this year I thought this was it....we can start. However, my other half had other ideas so we bought our own house. Back to square one. I had just £15k (as I had to put money
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Jon, I’m 31 and from Rayleigh in Essex. I’m married with two children; the youngest being just 10 weeks old so will most likely be using this forum nocturnally, at least for the time being. I work as a Chartered Building Surveyor throughout London and the South East. Following Rob’s sticky post at the top of this page I’d like to introduce myself to you all as follows; · What you've done in property so far Not much is the honest answer. I own my own home with a decent amount of equity and very affordable mortgage payments. As soon as I am able to I
  11. I am very much new to the property world but trying my best to gather as much useful information as possible. I am incredibly short of time and have little eye for attention to detail so was looking into furniture rental services. I'm looking in advance to get a full idea of costings. Any recommendations or past experience it would be great to hear from you, thanks. I nobody does, perhaps I could send you the information I have found so far and get some expert feedback back from you guys.
  12. As a Newbie I'd love some advice - please. I've just inherited a 3 floor property, shop with tenant and 2 bed flat on the floors above, previously used as a holiday let. Rent has been constant from the shop but the holiday let, although managed by a local agent, was not very successful and the place is in need of some work. I'm sure this is an exciting opportunity to augment my pension and wonder if I can claim against the costs of refurbishing even though I was not the owner at the time. Many thanks Liz
  13. Hello all, I'm just getting prices for a (attempted) low-cost refurb job on a BTL property. This involves many things but in the kitchen, mainly just new units and surfaces, as opposed to a complete refit. I am debating whether to go fitted or free-standing on the oven-hob. Other appliances will all be free-standing so aesthetically it'll be a bit mixed, which I've accepted. The existing cooker is gas, free-standing, and I'm not sure that wiring is suitable for a fitted electric oven and hob as a replacement. This will result in extra fitting costs if I go fitted. I've found lots o
  14. Hi all, I am about to do a pretty thorough refurbishment of a 1 bed city centre apartment in Dublin. It was built about 20 years ago so is pretty dated and needs new kitchen and bathroom and I'll probably do new floors while I'm at it. I like all my properties to have some kind of a hook, something about them that sets them apart from the hundreds of other more or less identifical apartments out there, and gets them let quicker and attracts tenants who can afford a higher rent. It can be something about the position, the view, the building, the facilities, or in cases where these
  15. Hi Guys, Had the pleasure of meeting fellow listeners last Saturday, which was great!!! I currently possess a BTL in Manchester and I am filtering with ideas of how to add a North East London zone 3 property to the portfolio. Looking to expand my knowledge on slightly more risky property investment opportunities such as refurbs/HMO. Passion for properties because I don't have a pension plan. Stay in touch!!!
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