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  1. Dear everyone, Hopefully you are keeping well during the pandemic. I am looking for property sourcers in East Midland area (e.g. Derby, Nottingham, etc) and I would like to know how to assess the sourcers and the sourced deal? I have listed what I think shall be done but they might not be sufficient. Any suggestion is welcome! Private sourcer or sourcing EA shall be a member of an Ombudsman Scheme as this shows a commitment to professional standards and also gives a route of redress if something goes wrong. Talk to the sourcer to challenge the professional knowledge and expe
  2. Looking for some advice on Anti Money Laundering and sourcing companies. Should proof of just investment capital be enough when investing cash (for example receivings from sale of property)? Or would sourcers require copies of all accounts and payslips for AML purposes? I appreciate your help.
  3. Hi everyone, hope you're all well. Seeing as though the lockdown has started to ease and more viewings, surveys are starting to pick up pace I thought I'd post a few links to the former mill conversion properties that will be coming onto the market over the coming years. These apartments will help change the face of Stockport as a place to live and work, there has already been massive investment in the last couple of years with new infrastructure, leisure and living space and with lots more planned this is great place to look at for your long term investment plans https://www
  4. Hi everyone My girlfriend and I live in switzerland and we are looking at a Recycling Cash strategy (buy below market value, refurb, refinance with a higher mortgage) to get started in property investment. Since we live in Switzerland, this will probably just be doable through a sourcing company. Therefore: Does anyone know a sourcing company that sources good deals and also manages the refurb process legitimately? I just had a quick glance at 1-2 companies who do this but their websites didn't give me the kind of trust you want to have when doing something like this from abroad. Unf
  5. Hi all, I'm looking at starting off in property by sourcing. The theory is that I'll be wanting to source my own deals anyway, so while I'm building cash reserves I'll learn how to find and negotiate deals (and it will help in building the cash reserve). My chosen area of eventual investment is about 1hr drive from where I live. So my question is: should I start sourcing in my local area, or in my chosen investment area? I didn't grow up where I currently live so I'm lucky that pre-existing area knowledge is not a factor Pros for local: - less travel time - will be able to v
  6. Hi Everyone, I am brand new to the world of property investment but have been involved in construction all my adult life. I run a Refurbishment/Renovation business in the South East. My goal now is to start a portfolio that will allow me to have more free time. I am keen to learn and eager to succeed but would greatly appreciate any help or advice on offer for someone new to the game. My strategy would be to buy BTL's that require some renovation so I can add value and keep the cash flowing. I am self employed and so is my Fiance although we have equity in our current pro
  7. Hi everyone. Thanks for having me. Looking at properties I've managed to accumulate several per week that have very good potential profits attached to them. Currently my capital is tied up and I'm currently in a JV so I'm passing them on but I'd like to become compliant. Would anyone know of the process and procedure I'd have to undertake to progress to becoming a compliant sourcer? Thanks everyone
  8. Hi, My name is Dan. I have recently started a ltd company and am looking for recommendations for sourcing companies, investors and bridging finance companies. For the experienced investors... - what would you do differently knowing what you know now? And That you wish you was aware of when you started your journey? Thanks in advance Dan
  9. Hello all, I'm new to the property hub! Well, I actually joined a few months ago but have only recently started using the hub to it's full potential after reading one of Rob D's books. I'm originally from Scotland but now based in Ireland and focusing on the Dublin market, which is absolutely booming at the minute. A wee bit about me below, what I'm doing, how I can help you and how you may be able to help me: I've been in the construction and property industry for over 13 years. My key focus is on my 2 business' - sourcing and HMO's! Currently
  10. Hello, I'm looking for someone/company which could help me with sourcing for my client - we are interested in commercial (office) properties in home counties. As the radius of the search is now much bigger than what I used to do, I simply have not enough time to source them myself. I'm an architect, so I literally need info on the deal, ideally with some floorplans. All the assessment is done in-house. Let me know if you know anyone great, or if you're doing anything similar! Thank you, Magda
  11. I'm looking for "all in one" firms who can source properties and implement and manage the refurb or conversion work for HMO's 2 to 8 Bed. Looking for recommendations from the group for firms who operate in the North West of England...
  12. Hi everyone. I am keen to get started in my investing career. Before I begin purchasing investments for myself, I am aiming to source deals for other investors. I would like to know more about property sourcing as I am very much a beginner. A few things I would like to know include: - What information should I gather from potential investors? i.e. areas they are interested in, types of houses/flats, number of bedrooms, strategy. - What do I need to budget for? - How to avoid being cut out as the middle man when the investment opportunit
  13. Hi hubbers A broker is telling me that if I buy a property via a sourcer the lender will charge higher rates and a higher arrangement fee. The additional costs seem to make sourced property un-investible. Anyone have any experience of this? Mortgage in a ltd company. Thanks
  14. Hi, has anyone worked with an individual or company who sources properties that need renovation (i.e. to flip) in any of the following areas?: - Northamptonshire - Cambridgeshire - Bedfordshire I'm struggling to find a sourcer who works with people looking to flip properties rather than BTL. Thanks in advance, Abby
  15. Hi all, I'd be grateful for some guidance on investing in Liverpool (120k max budget) probably through a sourcing company. My story: I have 3 properties all in the southwest, am remortgaging to release equity and hope to have about 30k to invest. As you can imagine this won't stretch very far in the areas I'm familiar with (Bristol, Wiltshire) so now looking to broaden my horizons. I studied in Liverpool in the early 2000's, loved it and hope that I'm now in a position to invest. Complications: I'm in the military and have just retu
  16. Hi All, Looking for a property sourcer in the North West i.e. Greater Manchester area but not limited exclusively to this area. I am an existing BTL landlord with 5 properties, two of which are HMO. Just started my first buy to flip project. I'm not resident in the UK for long periods so need a reliable company/individual for 'hands off' investing. More interested in the 'buy to flip' than retaining properties at this stage. Please note: I'm not interested in signing up for courses! Cheers Paul
  17. Hi All, I love property but am still not in a position to buy. I am really keen to do something in property especially if it can help me raise capital. Recently went on a property course and they talked about Sourcing Property as a career and a potential of earning around 3k per property on completion. Is this anyone here has done? How would I get into this line of work? Does it require being a way from home a lot of the time? Thanks, Fer'ha
  18. Hi All, I love property but am still not in a position to buy. I am really keen to do something in property especially if it can help me raise capital. Recently went on a property course and they talked about Sourcing Property as a career and a potential of earning around 3k per property on completion. Is this anyone here has done? How would I get into this line of work? Does it require being a way from home a lot of the time? Thanks, Fer'ha
  19. Hi All, My property company is currently registered with the following SIC codes: 68100 - Buying and selling of own real estate 68209 - Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate I intend to use the company also to do some property sourcing. Can anyone advise what SIC code would be appropriate for sourcing, my current thinking is that it would be 6831. Here's the description: 68.31 Real estate agencies This class includes the provision of real estate activities by real estate agencies:- intermediation in buying, selling and renti
  20. HI All, I'm an Oxfordshire-based property investor with a few years of straight forward buy to let investment behind me. If you're interested in someone to help analyse your investment, I'm happy to help as I'm very comfortable with numbers. I'm keen to connect with folk you know are property sourcers in the area or simply those who are active investors who are happy to share their stories with this newbie. My aspiration is to get into purchase and refurbishment of HMOs in the Oxfordshire region but also properties in growth areas out of this region. All good wish
  21. Just wondering along with the normal zoopla and rightmove etc apps, what are the best apps people have found for property? In terms of education? sourcing? law? tenants, tradesman or even property games? Looking for some other ways to better my education from my smartphone. cheers Phil
  22. Hi there hubcats, how's it going? I am doing quite a bit sourcing for various investors up in Manchester these days. I drive up from where I live in North London a couple of times per month and camp out in airbnb flat for 2 or 3 nights while I view lots of properties. The driving can be quite exhausting and it makes my job harder. If there is anyone out there who can drive and would like some free mentoring maybe we could skill swap? - Free food and accomodation - A chance to learn my sourcing process - A chance to learn whatever else I can teach you (check o
  23. Dear Property Hub Members, I would be grateful if someone could recommend a Manchester sourcing agent, suitable for sourcing a small apartment block, or property with multiple individual units, budget c. £800,000. Thank you A.O.
  24. Hello people, Ive been to some of these training seminars, that at the end of the session have the big up sell. one thing I have noticed is that trying to get where to source the property from or what property portals to use is like trying to get blood out of a stone, especially these 25% discounted properties these training schemes go on about. so do any people on here know where to source property other than the usual estate agents, rightmove, zoopla, auctions, gum tree............especially for the Nottingham / derby area. any help would be great, thanks
  25. Hi Guys A bit about me I am a 2016 science graduate who currently works in London and live in Berkshire, I am interested in the property industry and regularly watch the property podcast as well as property geek. I have also been reading property books however I am currently in the long tedious process of saving. I am interested in working in the property industry and would like to get some experience, I have looked at jobs that I would be eligible for but do not want to sacrifice my current comfortable salary and very flexible job. I can work from home and have flexible working h
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