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  1. Good morning! I am looking for advice from anyone that has a good understanding on the BTL market in Liverpool. I would like to purchase a 2-3 bed terraced house there and rent it to young professionals. Can anyone tell me what areas I should be looking at? I want areas with the highest tenant demand and good gross yields of 7%+. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  2. Where in the country would you head if you lived in London and wanted to invest in the following: Within 2 or so hours drive if possible Needs high enough yield to pass new lending restrictions at 75% LTV Good fundamentals and demand as an area Potential for some Growth and not purely yield. Some suggestions: Peterborough / Wellingborough Luton Swindon Basildon Chatham Any others??? Any favourites ???
  3. Hello Everyone! I'm a born-and-raised Brit who is currently living abroad and is seeking to invest in property back home... Property History In Nov '13 bought my own home (3 bed 2/3 floor ex-coucil maisonette) in SE3, London over three years ago for £170k. I bought because I needed to live in London and couldn't afford to rent. I remortgaged, in Nov '15 and now have a personal (20%LTV, fixed for 5 years, repayment over 25 years) mortgage with consent to let costing c. £625 pm. It's leasehold, with service charge and ground rent costing approx. £54 pm. Since I moved
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a part-time property investor based in Lanarkshire, Scotland with 7 properties between me and my wife. Looking to get building my portfolio but currently not overly cash-rich (one day hopefully). My portfolio currently ranges from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed villa. Recently I have had two extensive refurbishment project which have been thoroughly enjoyable (at times stressful) to do. Also have a full time job as an Optometrist, so property is a great change of scenery! Ive just started listening to the podcasts which are great. Go
  5. How’s this for a potentially nice and emotive first post… Your advice will be appreciated however. I’m currently looking at a terraced property (170k) for a BTL that a good 20k bmv and this seems to be wholly due to the fact that it’s right opposite a mosque. There is a replica of the property in an adjacent road getting offers at 190k. Being an atheist I have as much experience with the comings and goings of a mosque as I do with that of a Church – I don’t think that I personally would like to live opposite either. (Churches seem louder to me, bells etc..??)
  6. Ok - so just curious.... Is there anywhere in the country that comes close to being able to provide the following "Unicorn" BTL properties... 10% yield on a single let (so not HMO or Serviced Ac) No LHA No "Ghetto" areas Good demand for Tenants and also people want to live there. Doesn't matter if its a 1bed studio or a 4bed house. In my experience it seems that the yield ceiling for the above is closer to 7%. Anybody able to beat 7% in todays market in some corner of this green and pleasant land ?
  7. Hi, I'm looking for advice going forward with regards to living off my rental income and future remortgages. I'm thinking forward and looking at the possibility of living off my rental income in the near future. I'm looking to save up a lump sum to live off initially and would like advice from full-time property investors. 1st question is, once living solely on rental income, how easy is it to remortgage your BTL's and home mortgage? Have you done this? which lenders do it and what criteria are they looking for the least? and what's a typical
  8. Hi All, My name is Hardeep Toor, I am 25 from London. I have been looking to buy my first property for the last year or so and have accumulated a tidy deposit to that effect. I am looking to buy this property to live in for the short term, but to put on the BTL market in the long term. I currently live in West London, and ideally want to have a property not too far from family and friends, and therefore looking at areas in Berkshire for my first property venture i.e. Slough/Reading. I currently work for an Engineering firm and I am heavily involved in large UK Infrastruct
  9. Hi, i'm new to The Property Hub and looking at starting a limited company with me friend to begin creating a property portfolio. We need to create an Exit Plan for when one of us decide they either want to leave the company and cash out or if death occurs. As there will be significant assets in the company how would we best plan for this? Hoping you can help! thanks
  10. Hello all, How long is it currently taking to process a BTL mortgage within a new limited company? Has anyone recently been through this process? Will be interested to hear your experiences. Many thanks
  11. Hi All, I am very eager in getting into property investment however the more research I do, the more disheartening the venture gets! I have created an initial spreadsheet to reflect the costs of the investment and the income to help me have an accurate picture of what to expect and to help me decide on one property or another. I am quite resourceful and I should be able to do things myself which will be able to help me cut costs yet still, the numbers don't add up! What am I doing wrong!? I have a cash capital of £73,000 and in order to avoid bro
  12. Hello, can anyone recommend a reliable mortgage advisor specialised in BTL mortgages and bridging loans who ideally is a landlord too? If possible we would like to meet someone local in South East Kent (Canterbury, Ashford, Folkestone) area. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone - I am a newbie to BTL property investment - my husband & I currently own our home in London but am looking for opportunities to make our income grow. My husband is an architectural designer and I am an interior architect/designer. We would ideally want to buy up properties to renovate in London in the future when we have more capital although properties in London are probably saturated. We are therefore looking at buying BTL properties elsewhere that do not need work. We were thinking to start with buying something in Manchester as one can get a decent 1-2 bedroom for very lit
  14. Hello, happy new year to all! I am in the BTL game, with a number of BTL properties owned outright and some other mortgaged. I'd be interested ot hear from other investors as for how they balance the mortgaged part of their portfolio: - How much mortgage is reasonable / acceptable? - What's metric do you use? % equity overall? Monthly mortgage amount? - Assuming your model is not to remortgage ad infinitum, what's the point at which you stop leveragin and start repaying? Cheers, FE
  15. Hi all, Love the podcast and content on this site! Here's what I'm doing/planning: I'll be buying my first property in the coming weeks/months. Looks like it'll be a straight forward BTL. I'm also entertaining the idea of property flipping either in UK, Spain or Portugal as I live and work between these countries. I'm employed (remotely) and will go part-time once I have the first purchase after my belt. For future UK purchases I'm considering starting a LTD company - this could also help by paying me a small salary and making sure I keep
  16. How easy would it be for me to get a BTL mortgage? These are why I think I may have issues: - I am under 25 - I earn <£25,000 (but with my bonus I should be over that threshold) - I do not own a property - Have only been working for 6 months - The capital would likely be a split of mine and my parents money I'm not looking for specific mortgages but I would like to know if it would be possible and how many options there are out there?
  17. Hi all, Wanted to get peoples views on Margate and whether this makes for a good BTL investment. Have seen a number of articles on many Londoners flocking to the area after being priced out of trendy Shoreditch. Property prices seems relatively cheap by South east standards, with prices being highest around the Old town area. Are there other investors looking at Margate? Seems almost too good to be true to have a sea facing apartment for the around £150k. Thoughts and opinions appreciated....
  18. Hi guys, Looking to hear from investors who adopt a buy - refurb - refinance BTL strategy. What are your expectations and experiences in terms of the % of money you can get back out of a deal? I'm looking at 1970's terraced, 2/3 bed, requires light refurbishment (£10k max - maybe a new bathroom or kitchen) and buying around 15% - 20% BMV. Refinance as early as possible (6 months but my broker believes we could do it earlier) and recycle deposit. You may not be able to judge my deal without more area info etc, but keen to hear what normal returns
  19. Hello all, I am looking for a well respected and referenced mortgage broker that deals with Ltd Company mortgages. Ideally, if you are based in Liverpool great, however the North West is fine too. My partner and I have been to see an accountant today and have been told given our financial situation, we should use a Ltd Company for our BTL's going forward. Also, does anybody know what SIC code I would have to register the company under in order to gain finance? Thanks in advance Alan
  20. Hi all. I'm just looking for some advice. My overall goal is to have a portfolio with a monthly profit of £2500 per month by the time I'm 55. I'm just about to turn 30. It seems very achievable having read some stories on here but it's not quite straight forward! I'm about to buy my first BTL property along with my brother and sister. We each have 5K to put in giving us a deposit of 15K. Here's where it starts to get complicated. My brother and sister aren't as interested in property as I am and are happy to trust me with their investment. Their attitude to risk is somewhat more cautious than
  21. Hi i'm based in Scotland, I just newly started in the BTL market and just want want to interact with like minded individuals, discuss market trends and opportunities, flipping and sourcing. Regards, Dotimi
  22. Hi, i just bought bought my first property in Norwich as a investment. I did my research for the last few months and was able to secure a great deal at £160k due to being in an old state with previous owner going into care. The property's either side 2 doors down are selling for £210k-£240 (depending on loft conversation). The property is 25 mins walk to center and has a bus stop outside the front with an Aldi and pubs 10mins walk away too and is a 4 potentially 5 bedder with regards to converting the loft. The property will suit greatly working professionals. I am a self employed
  23. Dear property hub family, FIrst of all i would like to thank Rob and Rob for the property hub!! they are amazing! Secondly thank you for taking time out to read my post. I truly would appreciate your help in my situation - going over the numbers. Any comment, idea, suggestions or nuggets of wisdom will be greatly appreciated (big or small) Here I am ready to plunge head first into my first BTL only to get thrown a speed camera moment that could end thing on track! My wife and I have for our own house which has gone up nicely in value since purchase, two years on and the shinny
  24. Hi forum members, I'm based in London but looking to invest in a BTL in manchester. Can anyone recommend a conveyancing solicitor based in the area? Many thanks
  25. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the property scene and have a few questions that I'd really appreciate some advice on... I came into some money a while back and last year bought a 2 bed mid terrace for 70k in cash which seemed like the smart thing to do at the time (At the age of 21 I didn't want the stress of a mortgage) but now, I want to increase my property portfolio and I'd like to release equity to buy another. At the moment I'm thinking to release 80% and pay for the house on a BTL interest only mortgage. This would give me 56k in cash and I could actually probably buy 2 or
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