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  1. Hi guys, I have a Help to buy ISA that is slowly building up. I'm looking to purchase a buy to let property as my first purchase; and was wondering if the ISA can be applied to it? If not, can I hold it until I buy a live-in property (my second planned purchase)? I.e. can still benefit from the scheme is a live-in property is not my first purchase? Thanks!
  2. Hello from Sussex! Happy to help with any Letting & Property Management queries. I have worked for Allsop Residential Investment Management for 10 years and Leaders The Rental Agents for 3 years. Now set up on my own Letting & Managing properties around Sussex ARLA Qualified NFOPP Level 3 Technical Award
  3. Hi, I currently live at hime with my parents and want to buy my first BTL home as way to start my portfolio and prepare for my future. I currently don't have a mortgage but a reasonable deposit. I recently spoke to a broker regarding getting a BTL mortgage for a first time buyer and she said that not many lenders would look at me because of i currently don't own a property and i'm a first time buyer. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this similar problem and if they managed to get a mortgage, the difficulties they faced and anything else really. Thanks Jay
  4. Good afternoon, I was wondering if I can borrow your brains, as everyone seems rather friendly and helpful here. I love the property hub podcasts so I thought I would have a go and join the forum too! So the situation is like this: I have a big property on a standard BTL at 2 years fixed, interest only. It is let out on AST 6 months fixed, then periodic. I was listening to different podcasts and I have decided to turn it into an HMO. I am fully aware what it entails, and I will be applying for the permission now, as I am in Article 4. I can make it a 6 bed high end HMO, but I
  5. Hi all, I'm a 46yr old IT manager who's wondering if there's more to life than working 9-5 so am thinking about getting into property with a long term view of being able to improve cash-flow, supplement a pension in later life and hopefully provide the means to help my daughter get a foot on the property ladder when the time comes. I'm torn between residential buy to let properties or commercial properties (shop / cafe etc) where I'd own the premises but lease the space to someone else to run their business from and I'd collect a rent. I think I'm aware of the different pro's and con's of t
  6. Can anyone recommend a good mortgage advisor in or near Newcastle upon-Tyne or in Richmond (North Yorkshire) ? I'm looking to invest in the north east and would like a local contact to get some advice. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  7. Hi Guys, So I'm looking to purchase a 3/4 bed BTL in Manchester (specifically Eccles) but I live in London. I'm looking for a recommended property sourcer to assist in finding viable opportunities. Any recommendations? Many thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on any forum - ever! Seizing the day and all that... I live / work in Abu Dhabi and my family are in the UK. Having held a 16+ year ambition to get involved in property developing...and now aware of a term called 'leverage'...I am doing as much research as possible to start the ball rolling and to buy my first (of many, hopefully) BTL property; PropertyGeek and The PropertyHub have been excellent so far in providing so much information and motivation - so a big thank you to both Rob and Rob! My main concerns about getting started relate to bein
  9. Hi all, A topic that has been discussed directly/indirectly over and again in forums, podcasts (!, well done R&R), and books (well done again R&R), I thought it would be interesting for those starting out including myself to set a reasonable baseline, and to gauge the current aggregate mood on two of members' most fundamental data points, yield and ROI. With the wide range of opinions, acknowledging the lack of a correct answer, and all things being equal which is not the case in property, what would you the investor, and the aspiring, prefer your gross yield, net yield, and RO
  10. Hi guys- I need your advice and opinions please, My situation is slightly unique in that I'm: (i) a first time buyer, (ii) a contractor, (iii) am planning to purchase through a ltd company. I spoke to an L&C broker over the weekend regarding potential mortgage options for a BTL mortgage, and after inputting all my details, they returned just one potential lender requiring 9% interest only over 3yrs. Obviously these numbers don't work! It's rather discouraging to hear that this is my only option out there... Does anyone know of any other potential lenders who would sound out a f
  11. Hello fellow Property Hubbers, My name is Tamas, living in East London. I have been working in marketing (for software companies mainly) in the last couple of years, but property really is my passion, so now determined to get into this more. Have been reading a good number of books (yes, Rob's latest one was one of them), articles, e-books and attended a few courses, so I do my best not to miss any important news and trends in this area. Quietly built up a "1+1 model" with my partner: our own residential house and a BTL, both in (East) London, but planning to continue the journey in t
  12. There have been a few stories on the BBC this week regarding the unaffordability of housing generally, not just to buy but also to rent. Whilst the big problem is the lack of housing/failure to build over the past few years, the government have shown over the past year or so that they are very happy to go after landlords (SDLT changes, restrictions on mortgage interest relief, etc). If the government further discourages landlords, a side effect of this could be to reduce the supply of rental property which might result in rents rising. To stop this occurring, one solution might be
  13. Hi all, My name is Tom, my partner and I are in the process of buying a second flat to live in whilst transferring our current property on to a BTL mortgage. Firstly the remortgage of our existing property is going to raise the funds for the purchase of the second property. Secondly both of these properties will be owned by my partner and I personally. It is our intention over the next few years to grow this portfolio as much as possible. My questions are: 1. What are the benefits of setting up a limited company to buy the second property? 2. What are the benefits of
  14. Hello Everyone! I read Rich Dad Poor Dad 15 years back, then life got in the way and a great career in financial services that brought(born in South Africa) me to London in 2004. About 6 years ago I bought my first investment property off plan at the complete top of the market in 2008. This has become a most valuable lesson for me as the initial incredibly tough time of negotiation in getting the deal completed meant I have learned a lot very early in my property investment career. It is only till about 8 months ago that I truly started to get into gear to really think about buildi
  15. Dear colleagues, My understanding of BTL mortgage was that as long as you earn 25k+, income from asset is equal or grater then 125% of monthly mortgage payment and you have excellent credit report you are in position for BTL approval. However, recently I have applied together with my bussines partner for 75% equity release (with view of investing in another BTL) and I were told that I did not pass on affordability check. We were offer 60 % LTV instead. Additionally we were told by mortgage advisor this was due to: - other commitments (both having own residential mortgage and my colleague
  16. Hi, I am in the process of going into a partnership in purchasing BTL's with a friend who is currently an expat. Can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker dealing with expat mortgages? I assume the rates will be considerably higher than the usual btl rates on offer? We are potentially looking at purchasing a house, refurb and change to a HMO. Does this determine the type of mortgage product we can initially take out? Could we apply for a standard BTL mortgage, do the renovations which I am assuming will be at least several months and then change the mortgage to a HMO? Or is this f
  17. Hello all, I've been a member of TPH for last 4-5 months and have listened to almost all of the podcasts, questions and tips and really appreciate what you guys are doing! A bit about myself, my name is Alex I am based in east London and looking to invest in property. So far I have only one purchase and that is the flat that I live in which definitelly can't be counted as an investment. I was lucky to buy when prices were still low in London but know when I check the flats in my area they are 40-50k more expensive and are completelly unafordable for my current budget. Regarding the
  18. Hi All Decided to be more active on this forum particularly good timing, because I am about to become an owner of two BTL courtesy of RMP Properties. I have a property Summit schedule for April to sort out my strategy, so things are getting exciting for 2016. I now need to find myself a good local accountant someone I can speak to face to face, so ideally located in St Albans. Can anyone recommend me one? Hopefully I find the time to attend one of Chris Ryder meet ups so might get the chance to meet some of you. I enjoy sharing experience and knowledge, so always happy to offer help to ot
  19. Hi, I am about to complete on my first BTL property which i have managed to purchase around BMV (around £26k under). I will be looking to refinance after 6months to release my deposit, but, my qu is: should i try and add value to the property before refinancing, or as i have bought BMV, is that enough to pull out all of my deposit money after a refinance? The property is already tenanted, and is in reasonable condition. Plus, i don't really want to disturb the tenants too much as they are reliable and have even signed for a 2yr AST. Thanks! I look forward to the replies! Lee
  20. Hi, I currently own a second property with a friend as a BTL. We own it 50/50. If I buy out my friend after 1st April 2016 and take 100% ownership of this property, will that incur the 3% extra surcharge? Technically, I was already an owner of this property for the last 10 years. Many thanks for the help, Don
  21. Hi guys Can anyone recommend a letting agent that operates in Sheffield and why? Further, if there are any to really steer clear of then why so? Would love any advice you can give and thanks in advance guys
  22. Hi everyone, I'm at the very beginning stages of investing in property and the is my first time writing in the forum. I would love to hear about your experiences/advice with BTL mortgages - 2 years Vs 5 years fixed. A little bit about me - Myself and my 2 brothers are beginning to invest in property together. We have very kindly been gifted a property from our parents. We would like to put a BTL mortgage on this property to release the equity to then purchase 2 (poss 3) more properties. We have been given a couple of options from a broker re. the BTL mortgage and now we're at the stage
  23. Hi! I'm Sarah It's great to be here. I have a residential in Hackney which is my home and one BTL in Zone 2, (Camberwell) which I'm thinking of turning into Service Accommodation. Looking to buy another in East London. It would be lovely to say hi to more London investors. Have a great weekend everyone
  24. Hello, I am brand new to property investing but it is something I have been considering as a long term goal for the past few years. My strategy is to own a property outright (no mortgage) and have 2 or 3 buy to let properties. I currently have a £65k mortgage on a property worth approx £360k. Originally I thought the best idea was to sell this property, buy a property requiring renovation for approx £150k (I would rent during this time) with the aim of reselling once refurbished and putting any profit into a next property until I eventually have enough money to buy a home to liv
  25. Hi all This is my first Hub post and many thanks for taking the time to read it. I live in Kent and have let my former flat in Crystal Palace since 2014. It's now re-mortgage time and I am considering the next step in property investment. You may recognise the topic title from a property webinar prepared by Rob B which I would strongly recommend if you have not seen it. The gist of it is how to build a portfolio that in time can provide an income through periodic refinancing. It has lots of pro's as a strategy and is my preferred one subject to clearing up the query below. My quest
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