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  1. Hi everyone, My name's Ben, and I'm a website designer based in Bournemouth, looking to make my first strides into property. So far I've been along to Property Hub Meetups, and absorbed lots of books, podcasts, videos, you name it! But I want to go up a gear and increase tangible action, which is part of the reason I'm here. I've been advised to start off simple, and so am looking initially at buying small flats for single let. However, I'm really interested in serviced accommodation as a longer-term strategy. Great to be here, and feel free to a
  2. Hi, I'm looking at ways to grow my portfolio. I presently have 3 BTL properties, bought off plan through a property club (Instant Access), about 12 years ago. Of the 3 properties, my ex wife is on the mortgage and deeds of 2 of them. Because the equity failed to grow as IA assured me they would, One is still about £30k in negative equity, while the other is probably £30k positive. The ex just wants off the mortgages and deeds! The lender wont remove the ex unless the LTV is at 75% or better. Any advice on how to achieve this would be appreciated. At the moment I'm considering selling
  3. Hi! Just thought I'd post here to see if anyone had any advice for me. I have managed to save roughly £25k and I'm looking at buying a house to rent out as a source of passive income. My absolute ideal buy would be a multiple bedroom house (3-6 bedrooms), and I would like to let each room out individually. This may seem a bit ambitious, but there are houses available in certain locations for below £100k. The issue is that I am a first-time buyer...so this seems to be a problem for BTL mortgages. I am aware that there are quite a few lenders who are okay with first-time BTL landlords, but they
  4. Hi, I have only this week discovered this forum but have been researching property investment online for a few years now, I have also read Rob's book. I currently own/live in a 2 bed terrace in Leeds(Bramley area) which I have around 30-35% equity in, the 2 year fixed mortgage has 19 months left to run. My current plan is that once the 19 month term is up that myself and the soon to be wife will buy a property together using our current/ongoing savings(I realise we will have to pay extra stamp duty when buying a property together). I will then remortgage my
  5. Greetings all! I thought I’d just drop a few lines here as to my current situation, strategy and goals to see how it stacks up on this forum. Basically I will be getting into property full time from May 2019 and will be around this forum regularly for advice, encouragement and comradeship! OK, so I’ve had a nice little flat in South London since the early 90’s which has done very well value wise over the years. But now the lease is about to drop to under 90 years so I’ve decided to sell it on. Obviously there’s also the option of extending the lease, however I want to increase my c
  6. Hi! I wonder if anyone could suggest some mortgage companies or advisors who would work with buy to let mortgages when the landlord is living in another country? It’s in the EU (Hungary) for what it’s worth. I’ve got a property and a mortgage already but I want to remortgage. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hi everyone - can anyone advise on the tax implications of this scenario: I have equity in my main residence which I'd like to remortgage and lend the finance to an SPV ltd company to buy BTL flats. I'm a higher rate tax payer so buying in a ltd co. definitely makes more sense for me. I know if I bought the BTLs in my personal name then I could deduct part of the interest payments prior to tax. Is there any tax efficient way to claim interest relief if the mortgage is taken out personally but used to buy properties within a limited company? If I charge my company intere
  8. Hi all After a few refurbs / flips I'm finally buying my first btl. I just wondered if anyone had a checklist or a list of 'essentials' or 'better to haves' to check off that would be wise to have in place before getting a tenant in. For example; Landlord insurance Tenancy agreement / contract Maintenance agreement (with a plumber / electrician for emergencies etc) etc I've got a good idea of what I need but if someone comes up with that one thing I haven't thought of or just some relevant advice in general it could save me a l
  9. Dear Hubbers, my partner and I are in dire need of help! our longterm goal is to have portfolio generating a cashflow of +5K of rental income from single lets, that will provide us with a pool fund to do the occassional BTS as and when we see an opportunity. we are both full time professionals and do not want to take out any money as we do not need it initially but would want to create a healthy portfolio that in time would give us to option to either develop the company furhter or continue working being happy with what we have on the side. We ha
  10. Hi all, I want to set up a HMO within the next 12 months between 5 and 8 rooms for the professionals close to a town. Good spec and furnished as I want to get the most out of my investment. I live in cannock and I would be willing to sent one up within 20 miles of this area, I'm thinking a big old end terraced property that is in a really bad state. I'm just finishing off my first flip and it should be on the market in 2 weeks time. Im in the building trade and have good people around me I just need to get all the info together now so I'm not hanging around so I can get started ASAP.
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and new to the exciting world of ‘property’ but quite an avid listener of Rob n Rob podcasts, which really got me interested in this very interesting new field. I work full time, but am also a landlord and have a property on BTL. My immediate goal is to understand everything ‘property’ and in medium term go on to 2 more BTL’s by end of 2019. I am not 100% sure if this is achievable, but am looking for 10 properties by 2025. Would be quite interesting to know experiences of like minded and any pointers are m
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm after some advice on whether I should increase the rent on one of my current properties: Background 3 Bed semi-detached bought back in 2011 on a 5 year fixed repayment mortgage Current rent £595 pcm I have one lady (and her two children) live there from the time we bought it, she has undoubtedly added value to the house, decorates, maintains the garden, always pays on time and (touch wood) is a great tenant. She has now lived there for 6 and half years and although we have improved our profits by getting better rate mortgages
  13. Hi Guys, I am 19 and looking to get into property whilst maintaining my full time job. I am currently catching up on all the episodes by Rob and Rob (which are really really good). I am stuck between two areas a lot of people go on about Liverpool being a great place to invest at the moment. Birmingham is another one however I don’t hear Birmingham spoken of as much which I find a bit strange with its big devolpments planned and with the possibility of HS2. What are people’s thoughts? Possible other areas people would recommend. Ma
  14. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me by listing BTL Leanders who accept non owner occupiers like myself? The only 2 I know of are BMsoulutuons and Godiva. Thanks in advance! Max
  15. Hi all I'm just about to complete my first new development (in June) - five flats converted from a single house. What a learning curve this has been! I’m going to write-up the ‘story' as a new post soon. A tale of planning nightmares, mortgage hell and runaway builders but now I’m almost there. As they say, when you’re going through hell, don’t stop. Anyway, my current priority… I’m living on the development site and now need to move out. I have found a good size house that would allow me to live-in part of it PLUS separate out the top floor as a BTL. I can
  16. Hi Everyone, My name is Bryony and to my great relief found The property Hub and podcast around a month a go. I've been busy currently working on renovating a 2 bed mid terraced 1930's house in Nuneaton. I worked in the power tool industry for 13 years and left early 2017 to follow property full time. I currently have two BTL properties in my portfolio (9 and 7 years respectively) and recently sold a third to fund my first flip.... although perhaps I should convert this to a BTL and release the equity!? It has been a steep learning curve over the
  17. Guest

    Mortgage now or later?

    Hello all and thanks for having me! Have spent the last two weeks looking around this site and what a wonderful resource! The first bit of advice I'd welcome; we are buying out a half share in a BTL from my Dad for cash at market price. Probably in a ltd name as higher rate tax payers and want the ability to add properties later. We can buy the other half whenever we like and could pay cash for that, but rather than tie up capital it seems a btl mortgage for the other half is sensible. My question is - would there be any issues with buying half and THEN
  18. Hi All, Looking for a property sourcer in the North West i.e. Greater Manchester area but not limited exclusively to this area. I am an existing BTL landlord with 5 properties, two of which are HMO. Just started my first buy to flip project. I'm not resident in the UK for long periods so need a reliable company/individual for 'hands off' investing. More interested in the 'buy to flip' than retaining properties at this stage. Please note: I'm not interested in signing up for courses! Cheers Paul
  19. Hey guys, Me and my partner bought a house 2 years ago on a 5 year fixed rate mortgage with Santander with a 70% LTV. We want to work in another country for a year or potentially more, so we'd like to turn the property to BTL. The problem is there is an early repayment charge of around £13,000. Is there a way that we can switch to BTL without needing to pay the early repayment charge or are we stuck with just asking Santander for consent to let until we move back? Sorry if it's a silly question. Cheers, Ben
  20. Hi guys, So I've done enough reading about property investing, BTL and HMO's. It's now time to start investing but want to get your views first. I have around 120k to invest and I'm looking to get in a position where I'm earning a good residual income (above 2k a month after expenses). I don't have much time to manage any properties that I purchase, so need a plan which wouldn't take up most of my time. Is 2k possible a month (after bills). So questions. What property would you look for in my position? BTL or HMO's? I've been told that I could only
  21. I purchased a BTL in Manchester just before Christmas that already had a tenant in it. In the excitement of my sister arriving for Christmas I was not timely enough in contacting the letting agent to advise that the sale had gone through (it was their branch that sold it however). The lettings agent has paid January’s rent to the previous landlord and they are not responding to the lettings agent request for the monies to be returned. I’ve contacted the vendors solicitor that dealt with the sale and they have written to them. What should be my next step if t
  22. Looking for anyone that has creatively sourced properties in Liverpool. Seller Finance, BMV, BTL, Lease Options Etc. Contact me at chim@internationalpropertybrokers.com Thanks Chim Diwan
  23. On a separate thread, a question was posted about what to ask a new accountant and one of the replies was suggesting questions to find a broker. This is my response: As both broker and landlord I would suggest the following questions: What is your FCA registration number - obtain it and then check it against the FCA register as a lot of brokers who do commercial mortgages, bridging finance etc are not registered which can be very dangerous Are you an appointed representative or directly authorised. Again this is to do with the FCA and directly authorised brokers tend
  24. Hi All, as the title suggests im Glasgow based and planning to officially start investing in property this year with my main strategy to be founded on Buy-Refurb-Refinance -Let single-let flats to start with, then move into HMO (Student market) and flips. My ultimate ambition is to replace and improve on my current salary with passive rental income and replace my day-to-day with running my own property development business. I'm a Chartered Civil Engineer by trade but I've been around property development since a young age due to my parents interest in it and I've alw
  25. Afternoon All, What is the minimum monthly cash flow fellow investors will go to on a BTL. I am currently assessing the following deal. A 2 bed ground floor flat on the outskirts of Manchester. Purchase price £99,000.00 Stamp duty £2,970.00 Refurb £2,000.00 Fees £1,500.00 Furnishing £0.00 Running costs Ground rent and service charge (per month) £93.50 Insurance (per month) £15.00 Mortgage payment £309.38 Total monthly rent £625.00 Cash invested
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