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  1. Dear Property Hub Members, I would be grateful if someone could recommend a Manchester sourcing agent, suitable for sourcing a small apartment block, or property with multiple individual units, budget c. £800,000. Thank you A.O.
  2. I’m transferring a personal BTL to a LTD company, there is no mortgage so the full value of the property, £240k based on a Zoopla desktop valuation, will be added to the company accounts as a directors loan which means I can draw down tax free in future years. i strongly feel my property is over valued by £20-40k and am wondering if it’s worth getting proper evaluations based on the actual state of the property. i question this because although I could save as much as £2k in SDLT by reducing the property value I also wipe around £40k off of potential long term tax-
  3. Hello All, I have been working my butt off for the last two years on flips in the South. I work a 9-5 and have carried out nearly all the work myself, so i have learnt A LOT. Luckily the flips have been really successful and I am now in the fortunate position where i am able to withdraw some of the profits from those flips to invest in BTL properties. The next step is completely new to me. I want to keep my 9-5 (for the time being) and find BTL properties up North with decent yields but i am more focused on long term growth. Two questions; should i be looking at areas
  4. For those with individual properties worth more than £500k held within a Ltd. Company you may wish to read this article in The Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/news/hidden-mansion-tax-could-cost-buy-to-let-investors-thousands/ Another great reason to be investing in the Northern Powerhouse and especially Gods County - Yorkshire! Where investment properties don't tend to exceed £500k ;o)
  5. Hello Property hub, My name is Stuart, and I just thought I’d introduce myself to the forum. A little bit about myself... I’m 36, married and have a four month old daughter. I am unashamedly a newbie, and am looking forward to building, and adding to, a new network as I take my first tentative steps into property investment. At the moment I am in the learning phase, burning through the podcasts and reading what I can, when I can. I’ve owned three residential properties that we have done quite well on, and am now looking at BTL property as a
  6. Hi Everyone, After years of being interested in properties and also months of listening to podcasts/reading the forum I now feel that I am in a position to buy my first investment property. Firstly, a little bit about me, I’m 34 and married with two young children which means I don’t have a massive amount of spare time on my hands. I’m currently living in Bolton and have done so for the last 10 years. I have good knowledge of the Bolton area and I’m currently researching surrounding area’s such as Wigan and Blackburn. I have approx. £30 000 to invest, my ini
  7. Hi All, We are looking to buy our first property using our Ltd Co. that we have set up. We have found a property in need of refurb and we are looking to buy using bridging finance (we do have the cash to buy out right but prefer to use bridging), refurb and refinance later. We have gone to our usual solicitor who has worked for us on a few land and property deals before that have always been straight forward mortgages buying in our own names. However for the first time as a limited company their quote seems to have increased quite a bit (£1,500 +VAT + disbursements fo
  8. Hi Im new to the forum, and have spent some time looking through the various pages, as some are old and considering recent tax changes I would appreciate some direction to the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources/pages/threads to address my particular query as well as any direct advice anyone has? About me: My partner and I currently live in Australia and have done for the last three years, where I have been working as a Physiotherapist in regional australia to take advantage of better pay, low cost of living etc. We will be moving back to england in 2019. We intend to begin
  9. Hi all, just wanted to share this article from the Irish Times with the European BTL League table. For those looking to possibly invest outside of the UK (25th 4% ROI) https://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/housing-crisis-no-wonder-ireland-has-eu-s-top-rental-yields-1.3242622
  10. Hi all, So I've already got one BTL property and I'm looking into purchasing another. Now I've seen a property and viewed it and it has plenty of scope to add value and obtain a BTL mortgage on - or so I thought? My first offer was rejected and a couple of days later made a counter offer and I am waiting to here back? I was told when I veiwed the property that it was a repossession and owned by a company. My first offer was based on getting a mortgage, however I do have access to the full amount if needed? I believe if my offer gets accepted, I won't be ab
  11. Hi everyone Huge fan of the forum and the podcasts - been a forum stalker for a while now but only now getting round to writing my first post. Would massively appreciate some advice/guidance on my current situation. Myself and a good friend jointly own a 4 bed flat in a good area of Edinburgh (Stockbridge) that we bought it in 2013 to live in. We have since both moved away from Edinburgh and it is currently on a repayment BTL mortgage and, as such, is not making us any money each month. Mortgage = £1834 and we are getting £2050 per month in rent (we pro
  12. Hi everyone, My name is Dani and this is my first post. I had been thinking about getting into property investing for the past two years and I finally decided to take action earlier this year. I've been doing lots of research for the past 6 months, I had a good understanding of my local property market (more like an obsession) and after attending my first Property Hub meeting in July this year I set myself goals - 2 x flips and 3 x Buy to Lets by October 2018.. So far I have secured my first flip property and I get the keys next week. I have a team lined up to get th
  13. harvey

    Do I do it?

    Hi Everyone, Here is my situation. I want to start a BTL portfolio. I have spoken to a mortgage and tax advisor, so far so good. I have punched in the numbers and that's where things are confusing me. I own a property, I owe 46K, 9 years left. Current Property Value : 180k Length of mortgage left : 9 Years Remortgage available in principal : 135K Current payment : £471 Money available for BTL portfolio : 90K My strategy Buy 3 x BTL : 100k each. Deposit, SD tax, minor refurbishments, buyers fees : 30K each (25
  14. Quite a divisive question but welcome all your opinions: anyone here with experience of/ successful methods on managing HMOs remotely from another town or city? Keen for feedback. Cheers
  15. Hello all, I'm interested to know what particular challenges established, new and prospective property investors are facing and any solutions you may think would help. Thanks, Jo
  16. Hello all, I'm after advice from experienced investors out there. My partner and I are intending to purchase our first BTL on a 75% LTV mortgage soon but are still unsure as to do it in our names or as a company. I am in full employment earning 50k. She is self-employed and in the last tax year earned around 45k. We plan to start growing a portfolio over the next few years, hopefully with 3 or 4 before the inevitable crash in the market. We would probably reinvest the majority of the income but draw on it occasionally, when for example my partner is between jobs or we h
  17. I am viewing a 2 bed terrace house that was sold to the developer and the occupants have moved to one of their new homes. The house is up for sale at £125k and has been on the market since March 2017 - prior to the owners moving out - it became the developers house in June 2017. The developer purchased the house as per land registry for £120,000. The house sold in the boom of 2007 for £115,000 Based on the fact I have finance in place and mortgage - how low is too low???? My view is anything below £115,000 is okay but I want a good deal an
  18. Good morning, I exchanged on a off plan flat in January 2017. It is currently being built and is due for completion in summer 2018. With the BMV deal say 10-15% and a year and half's price growth. The flat at completion should be 30k ish more than when bought. (exchanged, deposit only) Upon completion and full approval of mortgage can I now finance at the higher price and take back some money before I even start renting it out? Would really appreciate any advice, As i would Ideally like to not have to wait every two years to refinance. Thanks
  19. Hi, I'm Sid and this is my very first post on Property Hub! I have been reading a lot of post on here and learning a great deal as I start my side career in property investment. I've been listening to the Property Podcast and would like to say what an excellent job Rob Dix and Rob Bence are doing. I got a hell of a lot of episode to catch up! But it's all good. I have two questions and I hope the Property Hub community can help me answer: If your chosen strategy is to replace your wage as quickly as you can then how do you achieve this through a limited c
  20. Hello, everyone I am looking at a new HMO property (including 6 studio flats), the owner is selling the flats as separate properties. The rental yield is about 6-7%, which is quite good. But I am a bit sceptical about how does it work when a normal terrance house have 6 different owners, assume most of the owners will be letting their HMO out, so there will be 6 landlords for one terrance house turned HMO. All sound very chaotic to me. Can someone show me some light on this situation? Should I be worried? Thanks a lot! Tina
  21. Hello, Everyone. I am new to property investing, I thought about this idea for years, never get started. I have £150k cash sitting in the bank that brings close to zero interests. It is quite a lot of money, I wanted to use this to invest in and around London, but the money just doesn't seem to be enough. I thought about going further up north, where it is cheaper to buy, but then I will be going to north often. I don't know if that is practical.
  22. Hello, I did try putting in a question to Rob and Rob but kept getting cut off on the phone. I thought to put the question on here in hope of some advice. Myself and my Partner have about 80k to invest in property, we do not yet own our own home and of course this is the priority. However, we are both really keen on investing in btl property as well, having done so in the past I am especially keen. My question is this: To buy a higher value home in the South East (where we work and live currently) and so spending all of our money. Or buying a
  23. Hello, Tristan here from Brighton. I am a farmer from south east England , over the last 2 years I have become involved in commercial development and lettings having played a large part in the conversion and development of an old dairy farm. I now manage the current 32 workshop units which are let to individuals and small businesses. We hope to expand the site further in the future as we are experiencing very high demand for out of town affordable office and light industrial workshops. The learning experience of this process has been vast and I would be more than happ
  24. Hi all, As a newbie to this, I'm busy crunching the numbers. Most of the examples I come across seem too straight forward. I've pieced together costs from several examples below, but what other costs should I be factoring in (example. 2-bed flat)? So far I have: Solicitor fees (conveyancing) Mortgage fees (application \ product \ valuation) Stamp duty Service charge Ground rent Letting fees Insurance Repairs contingency Furniture (if applicable) Refurb (if applicable) Cheers Tom
  25. Hi all, First post, so go easy on me. I'm UK expat living in Munich with my German wife and seriously interested in starting the property investment journey back in the UK. I'm in the early stages educating myself through the excellent TPH & TPP resources, making connections, getting advice and already meeting early challenges. One such challenge is Expat BTL mortgages. I've had some helpful conversations so far with brokers and mortgage companies direct, but the initial issue seems that most will only offer Expat BTL on a min loan of between £100-150
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