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  1. Hi everyone My name's Jonathan and I'm a full-time property developer working across Greater Manchester. I've been buying, renovating and selling properties since 2011. I source properties through contacts at local estate agents and at auctions. I project manage each development and work with a regular pool of trusted trades. I want to scale-up my business so I'm considering working with private investors or with joint venture partners, but I'm not in a hurry to enter a business relationship without doing comprehensive due diligence (as I'm sure you're not). If you're interested in
  2. TonyRT


    Has anyone looked at the Bootle area of Liverpool? I have come across what seems like a genuine -25% BMV deal, but it appears prices in the area have been stagnant for a few years, while the number of sales has also stayed the same. I'm looking to flip, so don't really want to get stuck with a renter. Any opinions on the area?
  3. Hi Folks, I’m after a bit of advice here regarding getting started in property investment. So I’m still currently learning as much as I possibly can about real estate so sorry if I come across like a novice as I pretty much am, I have my future set on being a long term investor it’s what I’ve always had an ambition for, and now’s the time to start! Now I’m pretty young in the scale of things at 22, me and my partner are close to getting a mortgage on our first home. Once we are settled we want to start work on investing. We will have a total of roughly 20k saved dedicated for inves
  4. I read this in an article: Assuming we are a property investor A landlord will need to pay Capital Gains Tax on the profit he or she makes when a property is sold. Stamp Duty Land Tax, estate agents' fees, advertising the property for sale are all deductible when calculating the profit. Also deductible is the cost of capital work, such as building extensions. I'm hoping someone can clarify whether, as a property trader (flipping properties): Can the SDLT paid on the property when purchased be offset against the profit made on the buy/renovate/sell deal when calculating the tax
  5. Hello All, A brief introduction: I am Barney, 22 years old and I work in IT as a Network Engineer. From the age of 18 my mum guided me through property flipping. I helped her flip around 6 properties until i gained enough knowledge and profit to go alone. I'm currently 3 properties down the line and really enjoying myself. I have a 10 year plan to get out of the rat race and wake up doing what I want (To run my own company and manage my portfolio). I am very grateful to have stumbled across this website after reading the book. I'm always open to learning as much as possible about prope
  6. HI EVERYONE! My name is Andrew. I am currently a director/shareholder of a limited property company with three other partners. We intend to engage in the ‘flipping’ strategy by purchasing properties from auctions. We wish to invest in the outer sections of London and/or surrounding regions. All four of us are completely new to property and would appreciate any help in finding the following…. Broker (preferably with auction/bridging experience) Conveyancer (preferably with auction experience) Builders Thank You in advance
  7. Hello there, I thought it’s finally about time that I introduced myself on this forum. I’ve been visiting here regularly for around half a year now but never introduced myself properly so here we go. I’m 17, based in Sheffield and am an aspiring Property Developer/Real Estate Entrepreneur/Wholesaler. I’ve been interested in property from a young age and have slowly been building myself a foundation of knowledge and skills to hopefully begin fulfilling my aspirations when I turn 18. I will not have enough money to invest or develop initially so I am trying to focus on flipping and w
  8. hi! I'm just looking for a bit of advice on first time buyers investing in property. I can imagine it will be a lot harder for a first time buyer to get accepted for bridging or buy to let finance, but if there's any mortgage brokers (or anyone who has applied for investment mortgages being a time buyer) that could give me some advice on this topic i would be very grateful. Many thanks Scott
  9. Hi Everyone, I have only just dicovered the Property Hub and am working my way through the podcasts. What an advantage this technology is!! I'm here becasue I want to get foucused and really do some research instead of being impulsive! I have experienced renovating 2 properties, one was taken back to a shell and the other not far off. The last one was a fail from a finacial view point. I have learned some painful lessons with that one and now want to move on and move up and never let that happen again. I really dont think I can to buy to let at this moment in time as I want to m
  10. Hello all I heard about this website following a podcast I was listening to a moment ago on Property Geek. I started purchasing my own rental properties in UK back in 2005, since then all properties have had very good occupancy and always tried to keep a good professional relationship with tenants. Other than on one occasion within the last 3yrs I have always sourced my own tenants and vetted them fully. So far so good. If anyone would like some FREE landlord documents please download them on my www.Essex2Let.co.uk website, and select/visit the Contacts page. Early last year I p
  11. Hi All, My Partner and I are based in Somerset / Taunton A great area for investment by the way for you people with an interest in ROI. There are some places here with no unemployment at all and people with a good work ethic which creates great tenants. Not that we are interested particularly tenants, as there are so many people moving down from London looking for well appointed property which is what we do well. With our latest project are having great fun at moment trying to renovate a slate flagstone floor that someone stuck tiles to (not good), but I think we have found the a
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