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  1. Hello, Everyone. I am new to property investing, I thought about this idea for years, never get started. I have £150k cash sitting in the bank that brings close to zero interests. It is quite a lot of money, I wanted to use this to invest in and around London, but the money just doesn't seem to be enough. I thought about going further up north, where it is cheaper to buy, but then I will be going to north often. I don't know if that is practical.
  2. Hi, I'm new to property investing and would appreciate some advice, accidentally fell into property 9 years ago not knowing anything, I have two joint mortgages (1 btl and 1 residential which my mum resides in, mortgage term ends in 6years). Sold another property in 2013 (didn't reinvest). I am currently renting where I live now in London (2 bed maisonette) and in Sept would renew the rental contract, I approached the managing agent to ask if the landlord would be interested in selling or proposed a rent to buy option over the next 1-2 years. The next day the agent called and came over to do a valuation of the property, so it would seem the landlord is interested in selling. I'm currently waiting for the valuation (agent came this evening). A property Sold on this road in Feb for 350k, it was much more modernised, this one needs some work. The Landlady bought in 1999 for 70k, she has a current court dispute with my neighbour prior to me moving in last year, so I think she would be keen to sell, especially as her response was so quick. (I have no issues with said neighbour). So my situation is that I don't yet have a deposit, but would definitely like to buy this place. My aim is to buy BMV and make a 3rd bedroom, new kitchen and new bathroom, there is also scope for an extension at the back. I would like to reside here as my children are happy here, but if necessary I would let it (current rental 1500 for 3 bed). The options I have considered are: 1) remortgage my property with my mum to release equity (159,000) and use what I need as deposit as well as to invest in buy to sell out of London in ltd company 2) My aunt has sold her SE London property a few months ago and has money in the bank (unknown amount gaining little interest), do I approach her to invest so I can buy? And how do I get all the money back out of the property once revalued, so she gets her ROI and I can continue to invest? I'd still be remortgage above property with my mum. 3) find an investor/s to buy property in cash BMV? Then mortgage it to get ROI?? (Is that what I would need to do?) 4) rent to buy contract if I am unable to get the deposit, remortgage home with my mum and invest in order to raise deposit in the next year or 2. Am I on the right track on my thinking? Which strategy is the most viable? Are there other options you would decided to do? Just to add I'm buying on my own, I am self employed and have 2 years of accounts. I'm reading as much as I can, and have listened to all rob and rob podcasts, and others and I am going to meet ups. I want to invest full time and leave my day job. The getting started bit is overwhelming. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Carmelle
  3. Hi! I'm very new to this but excited nonetheless! So my current strategy is sourcing bmv properties and selling straight to investors HOWEVER ... I have not done it before and would really appreciate any help/advice that you may have! In particular I want to establish a small investor list of 3-5, but have no idea where to start/network or even how to present myself Help! Thank you
  4. Hello All, I am very new to this group and I am so happy to find a property investment hub based in the UK! My name is Margaret Boukadia and my aim is to invest in a property portfolio with very little cash. I aim to make a lucrative career out of property investment and would therefore welcome any experienced advise people have on building a property portfolio. My focus is on purpose built flats in the London/Croydon area and I am aiming for couples and small families. Apart from gaining useful information/guides/tips from this group, I also expect to build great working relationships with other investors, private financiers, surveyors and other professions related to this field. Please drop me a line and introduce yourself Kind regards, Margaret Boukadia
  5. The Sunday Times are looking to feature case studies of a couple of investors who have taken measures to prepare for the coming tax changes. It could be that they’ve moved existing properties into a company, or formed a company for new purchases, or sold properties, or reviewed their portfolio to boost income/cut costs, or anything else… If you have a story that you'd like us to put forwards, please PM with your contact number by Monday at midnight. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Are there any Architects on here that also do their own property-flips / developments? Or do anyone have a contact of any architects that specialise in smaller Refurbishment / Loft Conversion / Extension projects that they can recommend in the London area? Thank You
  7. Hello I am curious to know what other areas or interests other investors have. I currently invest in residential property myself, although I want to continue and expand my portfolio I am considering other areas of investment and would like to see what other areas or interests similar investors have.
  8. Hello all, my name is James and i am a new investor in Hull looking to build my team to begin my investment journey at the start of the new year. I am working through a limited company which i have just registered as i do not intend to touch my portfolios profits until retirement from work. i am new to the property investment networking circle but have booked my place on my local PIN meeting in Hull. But i am looking for any referrals on independent mortgage brokers and property specialist accounts in the local area. If you or anybody you know has used or are using any body they would recommend i would love your referrals to speak to them about moving forward. Or similarly if you, yourself are an independent mortgage broker or accountant i would love to have a chat. Many thanks for any help, James.
  9. Hi All, Just a quick introduction as I will be reading through the forums and possibly contributing anything I can. My Name is Mpf, based in north Liverpool and a part time investor. I currently have one property (4 Years) and just waiting on completion of a second. I also work full time in IT. So far I've stayed on my doorstep for investing but will start looking further a field in the future. I have a huge love for apps and productivity tools, and love the resource of the week (thanks guys) I will hopefully post some of my resources for sharing. - Thanks Rob & Rob been listening to the pod casts back to back for the last 6 months trying to catch up and can only say all the 5 star reviews are true and Ill get round to rating on itunes soon
  10. Hi, I recently read a book called 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' - arguably the best investment I have made in myself to date - which then lead me to read 'Property Investment for Beginners'. After reading these books, I have immediately started saving to make my first property investment. It seems logical to make my first investment more about 'learning the trade' as opposed to making huge and/or immediate returns, with the intention to increase my appetite for risk in line with the more experience I have (open to arguments for/against this idea). Firstly, what literature, websites or events would you personally suggest? But here's the real questions: Hypothetically speaking, if you were in my position, but had the knowledge and experience you have now, what type of investment would you make, and why? I am extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to give there advice/questions/comments - thank you! Enya.
  11. Hi Everyone, My names Emma, I have been working in the private rental sector for 5 years and I have experience in all aspects of the letting industry. My current role is as the General Manager for a leading letting agency operating out of franchises in both Peterborough and Cambridge. The focus of my role is overseeing the day to day operations of the business, business development, future planning and to help new and existing clients to build and improve their property portfolios. I am passionate about all aspects of the letting industry, but especially buy to let and helping clients, family, friends and acquaintances select properties and find a property solution that will maximise their investment. I completed a level 4 diploma in Residential Lettings and Property Management a couple of years ago and I am currently working towards Associate membership of RICs and joining ARLA at fellow grade. I've joined the Property Hub to get involved in discussions, share knowledge, learn some new things and hopefully help others to with their property portfolios. I hope to speak to you soon Emma
  12. Ciao a tutti! I am an Italian landlord living in London and I love this forum! Been listening to R&R's podcasts and they are truly inspiring. I have been living in the UK for many years working for a very cool company I own some properties in Italy and although I enjoy being a landlord by name but not by fact, I really miss being close to my investments and dealing with the tenants myself. So, whats the solution?? Well, I will start investing here in England! That is really a no-brainer guys, the market here is awesome and the opportunities to make it big are endless! I have so much passion for property investment that as soon as I re-discovered podcasts on my iphone the first thing is searched was..'PROPERTY'!! And that's where I found the Property Podcast which really pushed me to take action! Its all about taking that first step, finding the courage to invest, and starting a new business adventure. And you know what is great about having an Italian landlord?? I will bring my tenants wine, pasta, and pizza! Thats because I love my business and more importantly, I care about my customers! cheers everyone
  13. Hi folks, I have been working in the private rental sector for 7 years now and I have experience a wide range of aspects within the lettings and sales side of the industry. My current role is as the Lettings Manager for an independent agency in one of Lincolnshire's market towns looking to grow the business based on quality of service before quantity. I am passionate about all aspects of the letting industry, particularly getting to grips with the diverse legal aspects and encouraging client landlords to do it right. I also get a kick from helping clients, family, friends and acquaintances select buy to let properties and find a property solution that will maximise their investment requirements. I found PH via Twitter and I've joined to get involved in discussions, share knowledge, learn new things and hopefully help others with resources I've found that will help them with their property portfolios.
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