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  1. Hi people! I would love some advice from anyone who has experience in letting shared houses to students or young professionals. I currently let a flat in Manchester and am thinking of selling it and using the money as a deposit for one or two shared houses with the intention of increasing my property income. The flat should generate around 160k and I’m aiming for houses that are already going concerns, ideally already rented out, rather than any that need work on (just cos I have zero experience on doing improvements). Manchester looks pretty much out of my price range so I’ve been looking
  2. Hi, Could you recommend reliable Solicitor who could deal with auction purchase in Liverpool? I'm searching as well for trustworthy efficient building company/builder to make some refurbishment. For the future I'll probably need as well Mortgage Broker (can be based in Liverpool or London but I guess location in this case is not that important). Thanks a lot for advise, Regards, Joanna
  3. Hi All, Sorry for the long post. I'm totally new to this and was hoping to gain advice from you all, so any wisdom imparted would be sincerely appreciated. I'm interested in beginning my property investment journey after gaining much confidence from the contents on this wonderful site. I'm from Birmingham but live and work in London. Initially, I was looking for a high yielding B2L property in somewhere like Sheffield or Nottingham, to potentially net between £500 - £1,000 per month cashflow to generate some passive income. As a newbie, I want a hands off approach, interested in mode
  4. Hi all, I've been listening and researching for a couple of years on and off, I have now decided to start my investment journey! My time is quite limited for research so I stumbled across an investment company and thought I would give them a shot to see what they can offer. So far I am quite impressed, not forcing a sale and generally being very helpful. They seem to know what they are doing and everything makes sense going by my limited knowledge. My main aim is capital gains over a long period with multiple investments for a retirement fund, but of course the rental profits need t
  5. Hi Everyone, I went to Liverpool last week, came back on the 6th July 2017. I spent 4 days researching the area, I love the city, It has such a unique vibe to it. I spoke to almost all the agents in the City, most gave great advice and had properties with great yields. I came back excited to invest. At a networking meeting on the day I got back I got talking to a guy that invests in Liverpool. With all my new found enthusiasm for the City, I told the guy that I wanted to Invest and wanted to just get any advice he had about the place. Like a wet blanket over my burning
  6. Hello there, Re: How to calculate evaluation for a property that has been converted to flats when there are no other similar properties on the neighbouring streets I want to make an conditional offer (subject to building inspection survey) on a property that has been converted into a block of 5 studio apartments but I am hesitant as I don't know how the property would be valued by the bank. The property is based in Liverpool, postcode L7 and I will be using a mortgage. The gross income is £25,000 per annum and is fully tenanted. I have done the numbers and if my offer is accepted the
  7. Hi everyone I'm new in the property investment and would love to get some location advice from experts. I've been looking at Liverpool (L7 and L6) and made 2 offers last few months. Unfortunately didn't go well which turn down my motivation and interest a bit.. But i should keep positive and move on. Recent podcast, Rob D & B mentioned 6 locations to consider. I'd like to get a location advice which area I should look at that based on my case:- My scenario : Maximum property price : 130k 10% Deposit + 90% mortgages Looking for 3 bedrooms.
  8. Hi Guys, I posted early/mid last year suggesting that I could view properties for expat investors and investors down South, and since that post have received a constant stream of clients, so much that I have a website now. www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/ Anyone interested just get in touch. Thanks, Neil
  9. Hi Guys, I posted early/mid last year suggesting that I could view properties for expat investors and investors down South, and since that post have received a constant stream of clients, so much that I have a website now. https://www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/ Anyone interested just get in touch. Thanks, Neil
  10. Dear All, I am looking for some advice or opinions on the work ongoing on Unity Building, Rumford Place in Liverpool City Centre. We are interested in buying a flat however, are put off by the massive scaffolding and construction work currently being carried out by Laing O'Rourke I believe the work start in 2017 due to Water Ingress and was supposed to finish at the end of 2018 however, will continue now until mid 2020! Of course this is a concern for us. Do you live there OR can you help me and tell me what's going on ??? Any feedba
  11. Any Liverpool area experts and natives able to give a simple "pro's and con's" to the area of CH41 (Birkenhead) ? Specifically with relation to single let BTL properties such as 2/3 bed terrace and semi's houses. Is this a "Bronx" style area? Are tenants working class or DHS ? Any thoughts of capital growth or is it a yield only area ?
  12. Hello all, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the property hub community. Personally and non property related - I'm 30, live in Mid Cheshire with my partner and our two young boys. I'm a self employed project planner with experience of contracting on large international engineering/manufacturing projects across different sectors. In terms of property to date, we've purchased our first residential property this year, which was a big milestone for us This took an age due to my lack of limited company accounts history due to going self
  13. Hello, I'm looking to invest in the north of Liverpool, I don't have a huge budget (50-70k purchase price). I was looking at Kirkdale as an area- close to the station and not to far from Everton's football ground. I am interested to hear people's thoughts on the area- i'm realistic in that I know I am likely to be renting to LHA tenants which is not a problem and I know in the price bracket there will be some not so appealing arrears. However I am looking at the long term and hoping that with good fundamentals and the ripple affect from Liverpool waters it might be wo
  14. Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first BTL investment property over the next six months - ideally a one/two bedroom apartment, and I've been looking into purchasing in Liverpool or Sheffield to maximise the potential for capital growth over the next five years. The budget is around £130,000. Yields are important to me but more important is capital growth to allow me to grow my portfolio. Can anyone recommend specific areas within Liverpool and/or Sheffield that are particularly desirable and have a high demand for rentals? Any advice is greatly appreciated
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking for recommendations on what areas in and around Crewe would be good to invest in for a single/double buy to let? Done some initial research and aware of the planned regeneration of the town centre shopping mall/cinema, as well as HS2 in 2027- however would really appreciate input from any of you that have 1st hand knowledge/ insight of Crewe. Thanks in advance
  16. Good morning all, This is my first post so please be gentle! I am looking to invest in my first buy to let property, and am looking at appartments in central Liverpool as a focus area. This is largely because I understand its tipped as an area of potential high capital growth, and also because I think its a really cool city with lots of potential. Briefly, my strategy is to buy a property through a limited company and release equity from it in a few years time, which I will then use to fund a further purchase in an area of potentially high growth, and so on..
  17. Hello All, Could anyone would be so kind to recommend some tradesman that operate within Liverpool please? I am looking for both one stop shop builders along with individual tradesman. Thank you in advanced, it is really appreciated! Have a great day. Charlie Murray Charlie.Murray@hmproperty.co.uk
  18. Hi all. I hope you're well. I am currently looking at a property in Liverpool (Kensington) as a vanilla buy to let. This would be my first investment in Liverpool and I wanted to run it over with an experienced Landlord before going ahead with it. Just wanted thoughts on the location, price etc. It would be great if someone can help me out and offer me some advice. Thanks Naj
  19. Hi everyone. Sorry about the newbie questions! I want to purchase my first HMO but have read some conflicting responses. I intend to buy a 4 bed property in Liverpool. When I have researched HMOs the main point was to have a property close to the city centre. Now does this property have to be in a nice 'well to do' area? Young professionals are my intended tenants. How do you price per room? 2 rooms are double and 2 are single. All advice on HMOs is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a local (reliable) electrician and plumber for my BTL near the city center- any recommendations? Will gladly mention you when contacting them! Thanks
  21. Hi All, I am looking to start investing in buy to let properties in either Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham. I will be looking for single lets, 2 bed/bath, city centre or close to and generating high rental yields. I have done some research into postcodes to target but wanted to get feedback from seasoned investors, professionals and locals. Few questions: 1. What is your view on my chosen cities and are there specific postcodes that stand out? 2. Could anyone recommend good estate agents that also manage the letting side as well as sales?
  22. Call me boring, but I love anything property! Started as an apprentice and have worked my way to a branch manager of a busy estate agents in Liverpool. I have bought my own property and to help with payment I'm looking into renting out a spare room. Eager and determined to get another and build a portfolio, I need ways of sourcing money and property is something I feel comfortable with and is my second life. So coming across property sourcing may just be the next step for me. Is there anybody on here who already does this and if so what advice could you offer?
  23. G'day Property Hub, my name is Chris, I'm from Liverpool but currently I'm in a library in Melbourne, Australia (the weather is crap before you ask), (and its 1.01pm, again, before you ask). I quit my job as an engineer to go travelling with my girlfriend last year, I'm returning home in a few weeks with the intention of starting a new career in real estate. My property history and hopefully future: I own a B2L property in Liverpool already and have had it for 10 years. I would like to carry on investing in Liverpool, I hear the L1, L3, L6, L7 and L15 areas are good ar
  24. Hi All! I hope that this message finds you well. Both me and my business partner are here in Liverpool until tomorrow late afternoon. We want to make the best out of our time here and would like to reach out to potential contacts. We are here to build relationships as we are looking to purchase a number of properties imminently. The right ones of course! If anyone knows of any good contacts or would like to meet up for a casual chat please drop me a line. Have a good day all! Kind regards, Charlie - 07453 962 3
  25. Hey all, I am originally from the UK but I moved back to HK for more than 20 years now. I know I want to do some buy to lets and so far my research points to Liverpool as a promising starting place - combination of cheaper prices and also the popularity of student accommodations seem quite good. Does anybody have any recommendation for sourcers in the area? i am looking at doing my first BTL and it would something that smaller, probably below 100K. Looking to finance it from cash as i read that it's very difficult to get expat mortgages for small properties, and then ma
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